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How come none of your lunch pictures included food? Lazy!
Aha. Point taken. Variety in ye old closet.
y u no like light blue striped shirt? just curious, seriously. not good color tones with the light grey suit?
I have an alternationist who runs up to a week turnaround, and a tailor who runs nearly 2 weeks but whom I trust with more sophisticated stuff. In March I swung by the Chicago SS store and their tailors were running 1 day for simple stuff. Spring 2012 in London their board said 4-5 days. So...it depends.
Sorry, but I am in the no bueno on this tie-shirt-bedspread craziness. In the 70s? Sure.Your HSM jackets look big to me. Have you ever tried the next size down, or thought about slimming thru the body?
Sorry about your bad luck. Remind us, you purchased a suit knowing that it had a hole in it, and asked them to fix? And by saying the buttons are too loose, you mean they are about to fall off because the string is unraveling?I'm not sure what to think about this. Looks like the right shoulder is tight, but the left looks ok. Can't tel the shape because of the wall behind you. Plus I am tilting my head. You need to change the format of your pictures before you...
Jungle, i like the jacket.
This one may work too http://www.kentwang.com/suits/nailhead-navy-jacket.html
58,141 + 50 = 58,191Sorry for the mixup earlier
New Posts  All Forums: