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Because we are older than you and been there done that, and because we were stubborn like you at 25 and thought we knew how the world works. Other than that, no reason...
just switch companies
More here http://tsbmen.com/27958/nigerian-americana-feat-niyi-okuboyejo/3/
Dude has big arms.
36345 + 30 = 36375.Impressive that you do 100 as your warmup. The 30 above was mine.
I also have a suit in production with this fabric. Tira's pictures on TSB sold me.
Lawdy, didn't realize a navy blazer would cause such a stir. If you are interested, click here for where I bought the exact jacket in question. So this got me thinking, what to do with a shirt like this. In this outfit, I am wearing light grey wool pants and chocolate brown dub monks. The way my office operates, or at least per my condescending boss, a suit without tie is considered casual. But from time to time I get tired of white and blue shirts and wear something...
Anytime you guys get into the specifics of a type of fabric my eyes glaze over and I skip down the page. To me, this is a navy blazer. So would you kindly expand on why worsted and gingham don't jive? Are you saying it looks like I'm wearing a casual shirt with a suit jacket?I should have probably just grabbed a plain TV fold white linen, but I had done that all week. I don't have cream silk, but I see where you're going and agree it's bordering on matchy.
My gingham is shouting.
You don't want black, you want charcoal.
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