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+36 = 1,855
+36 = 119,235
I feel like my Napoli's have high enough armholes that there is movement, but it is in no way snug or biting into your skin. I find the sleeve size to be appealing as well.
+60 +40 +20 = 119,029
Looks pretty good. +1 for lowering the button stance.
Your StyFo customers may rage against the skinnier lapels, but the masses.....might be a different story. Great price range.
Fantastic. Bright yellow to boot.
113,078 + 30 = 113,108
I think what you are describing is a QC issue, not the size advisor. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if the uploaded sizes were off.
Look at the garment measurements and order a few sizes.Where is the seam of the shoulder of the jacket compared to your shoulder? Looks a little big to me. Go to the gym.
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