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Look at the product measurements and you'll see the difference in shoulder sizes.I thought that the newer Havana lines were a little lower as well.
Can you have someone take pics of you instead of the selfie? To my eye, it looks a little big in general. The lapels are swooping to the side in the first set of picks. But perhaps that is because of how your raised arms are bunching it up.
Do the shoulders feel like they are overhanging your own shoulder by too much? You could probably have a tailor tighten the back waist and back hips a little so it doesn't flare as much, if that bugs you.
how do you define "way too long"? half inch, inch or more?
Can you guys please spoiler these pics? Too much crotch.
+25 + 25 = 108,150
I don't remember, so a question, did you change sizes between the models?
How do they compare to the Champion brand at Target?
+50 = 101,945
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