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A few more pics of the new KW suit. Lessons learned: 1) increase the chest measurement a hair. 2) Maybe a quarter inch longer pants? 3) Do more leg exercises. 4) Get better lighting in my office.
This newer one looks a little blue-er on my screen than the old. I have been debating getting a second, so if anyone buys the new one and also has the hold, please post a pic with side by side pictures.
Funny, now that you ask that question I can't remember what they used to cost. I am seeing $469 and $499 which is what I think I remember being the norm in the past.
I would personally pair with brown (like the brown in your tie) or navy pants, but I realize one or both of those decisions would be mocked/ridiculed/flamed/sneered at by some on this board.
I hope he isn't charging you for this...
Sorry I missed this part of the question.....this is a Cottonwork shirt. The collar is what they call a cutaway.
The other Havana's I own are a 38L. This one is a 40R. Monkey - the pit-to-pit chest measurement of this is 1" wider. I think for future Kent Wang items I will add a little to the chest. The good thing for SS is that the Napolis is already a little wider in the chest. The bad thing is that I like the Lazio, but wonder if by sizing up the jacket the pants will be too big in the waist. If they do separates it would solve that issue. Ironballs - yes, that's the one.
soft shoulder.
It is actually better in that regard. I need to measure the chest and compare to other jackets.
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