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you lost me at brown shoes with black sweater...
There is a massive Meermin thread that has a ton of good and bad experiences, and frequent viewership by a lot of people who look like they have used Meerimin frequently. You should move your post there.
+50 + 40 = 90,590
I think that was the one....thanks Kulata. Anyone know of others in this world?
Gents - Doing a little research project here and looking for help. I am interested in building a list of companies/factories who produce men's suits. Not a list of brands, but the manufacturers themselves. After being on this site for a few years, I've occasionally run across similar lookbooks and samples. For example, it was once mentioned in the Kent Wang thread that the lookbook he uses was the same as found from Andrew Locke, Tiberias, and Proper Suit, (and maybe...
Clarinet doesn't pop molly, he rocks tom ford (-sized lapels)
+40 = 86,755
Then the length is probably ok. rock on.
Where will this suit be worn? Are you a marketing guy at a digital media company? Or are you a junior level CPA at a regional firm? Because to me the answer to the length question depends on the environment it will be worn in.
The answer is....it depends on the brand. Some brands are RTW only, some provide a MTM service. Others will offer full custom on a limited basis. What you're seeing in a photoshoot is most likely RTW with clips in the back to give the appearance of tailoring.
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