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I'm not sure this is the cut for you. Looks big to me all over. If the 38 is too tight, perhaps you need a cut like the Napoli in a 38. Did you choose the Washington for the lapels?Why does everyone pose with their arms up?
Do not wear the blue shirt you pictured with that blue suit, unless you want to look like you were dressed by a Macy's employee. White shirts should be your base, plus LIGHT blue. Go look for the "101" tutorial tagged to the top of the Classic Menswear board.
from what I see on the website, the Napoli 34R has a 30.7" pant waist, and the Lazio 36R has a 32.3". Both fit without letting out or taking in?
How do you get the pants to work? There is about 2 inches difference in the waist sizes between these right?
There is a navy Havana blazer that I own. It is not a flat navy like a suit fabric, but it is pretty close and I would not call it textured. I don't think they have hopsack. On the website you can usually zoom on the fabric to at least see if there is a semblance of texture. Also, some of the F/W fabrics might be fuzzy, if that helps.+1 to medium grey.
^^ well it looks a little long simply because the rise on your pants is pretty short. So that means the length is probably pretty good, regularly speaking
I can't hear the stripes over the tie.
Just glancing, you look a little crammed in the 46. If you plan to lose more weight, perhaps it is better to wait until maybe the first of June? That still gives you time to lose the extra pounds, and also time to run it to a tailor for nips and tucks.
+50 = 26,200
I have some lapel gape that might be #7 on the 6 part list, though probably just tied to #2, the chest being too tight. I am built like a cross country runner with very square shoulders; long and lean. I have the shoulders to wear a size 40 jacket, the chest for a size 38, and the waist of a size 32 pant. I wear a 38R Napoli and 38L Lazio (or at least I should). I have a 38L Havana, but probably need the 40R. The Napoli shoulders are perfect but I have to trim the...
New Posts  All Forums: