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I tried that blue on on in the store. I thought the yellow in the plaid pattern was pretty noticeable. I generally liked it, but didn't buy because I have another jacket with a blue windowpane pattern.
I may be wrong, but isn't the MTM based on the Napoli model? Or are they letting you do other models as well?
Event last night where I was hanging between Gulfstreams, Falcons, Maseratis and Aston Martins. A little chilly so I brought back the flannel pants and cardigan. At the bottom are snuff suede kicks.
Ask Kent.
I am not wearing jeans with this.
First, I would post this in the tailor's thread where trained people have an eye for this stuff.Second, while I would advise against massive chopping of any suit, perhaps you might be stuck with this same problem no matter what you wear. if you are that thick across the upper body and thin through the waist and torso, you are going to find suits hard to fit in general. While SS suits have a decent drop, when they say slim they mean cut slim all the way down. Looks like...
I'm not sure this is the cut for you. Looks big to me all over. If the 38 is too tight, perhaps you need a cut like the Napoli in a 38. Did you choose the Washington for the lapels?Why does everyone pose with their arms up?
Do not wear the blue shirt you pictured with that blue suit, unless you want to look like you were dressed by a Macy's employee. White shirts should be your base, plus LIGHT blue. Go look for the "101" tutorial tagged to the top of the Classic Menswear board.
from what I see on the website, the Napoli 34R has a 30.7" pant waist, and the Lazio 36R has a 32.3". Both fit without letting out or taking in?
How do you get the pants to work? There is about 2 inches difference in the waist sizes between these right?
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