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laced cuff squadddDD da best mang button ur coat and we like twins don't your laces get in the way of shit though? i have to wrap mine so i can drive
http://helloblackbird.blogspot.com/2010/09/fall-layering-with-robert-geller-laced.htmlhttp://www.blackbirdballard.com/Robert_Geller_Laced_Cuff_Over_Coat_in_Charcoal_17845.htmlthanks guys
im like a 45 and the coat is a 46.. i wouldn't be able to layer in a 44
geller coat, viridi anne cardigan, acne jeans, buttero boots
lol @ you guys hating on noah... the hat isn't my thing either and im not a menswear dude at all but the guy can dress half the people here can't even get their clothes sized right
they're hex cash. so good i have 2 pairs.
lad musician geller acne margiela
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