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so many things wrong with this
i wear three of these regularly
didn't pay anything on a bottle of fragrance shipped to canada if that helps
you almost raped my next paycheque until i saw the duties/tax for canadian purchase
yorkville is the only one worth going into to look at thom browne and moncler gamme bleu they have balenciaga, burberry prorsum, apc, acne as well
jp retail on butteros is so fucked. they drop to like $250-300 here on sale at barneys but consistently stay around the 60k yen mark in jp. sometimes drop to like 40k
yeah, you're right.thanks, im now enlightened to how dumb of a category americana is
i don't think you understand the difference between american and americana
not gonna argue too much cause its late but i don't really believe any of the brands you listed are americanabb/boo/ervell = preppytb = "updated" business apparelgeller ........maybe mcnairy and gantif you were looking for an example i would use visvim
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