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need proxy to toronto as well! pm me
this sale is mad boring
so this shit happened to us by accident today
think a lot of people here are more addicted to getting good deals than actually buying shit they really want
nah 4 people i've met in real life : ) brown shearling bomber dude at york is riskyrukusand hell no =P
there's better dbss down leather on yjp in small sizes for around $800
http://goodhoodstore.com/?page=51&id=2182&fb_source=message dirty buck suede mcnairy
well everything is subjective obviously.. i guess my point is that you shouldn't have to change what makes you happy with yourself for other people. sometimes constructive criticism can be good because it opens up your mind to things you wouldn't have seen yourself. there's very few people in this world with a distinct style anyway.. it's a learning process not everyone posts in waywt for criticism either. i just like looking at good fits for inspiration. and...
and this lol
i know 4 people with toj (not including me) in toronto and have spotted 2 on random people in the wildand some dude working at eaton's H&M who asked "is that a tawj wallet" when i opened it up to grab my credit card
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