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yorkville is the only one worth going into to look at thom browne and moncler gamme bleu they have balenciaga, burberry prorsum, apc, acne as well
jp retail on butteros is so fucked. they drop to like $250-300 here on sale at barneys but consistently stay around the 60k yen mark in jp. sometimes drop to like 40k
yeah, you're right.thanks, im now enlightened to how dumb of a category americana is
i don't think you understand the difference between american and americana
not gonna argue too much cause its late but i don't really believe any of the brands you listed are americanabb/boo/ervell = preppytb = "updated" business apparelgeller ........maybe mcnairy and gantif you were looking for an example i would use visvim
he is my brother
me and baconzilla will share it.
need xmas gift money! : ) all prices inc. shipping & signature confirmation in NA international msg me and we can discuss how to get raped by canada post together local meetup in toronto available sorry for shitty pics this time.. bad lighting. everything in excellent condition ROBERT GELLER LACED CUFF OVERCOAT GREY SIZE 46 http://helloblackbir...ller-laced.html http://www.blackbird...coal_17845.html im a slim 46 and there is room to layer. 9/10 condition. $325...
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