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i think your solution is food to be honest.
incl shipping+tracking usa/canada worn twice maybe. INFO/MEASUREMENTS: http://www.firmamentberlin.com/firmament/22825/gitman_vintage_cambridge_oxford_shirt.html thanks.
i have the same pair, they're pretty big. i can say whoever makes geller frames is top notch though, compares to many name brand japanese frames such as effector
LAD size 46, fits a size 46 like the runway shot with room to layer. 9/10 condition $300 shipped NA
the top is almost flat. http://www.thirdlooks.com/2012/07/style-profile-joey-keefer/
Bronze Juunboks, very rare. 9/10 condition, worn barely ever. multiple references on sufu and ive actually sold here a lot too.. just never really bothered with the feedback thing (or it wasn't implemented yet?) price drop to $100 shipped NA thanks SF
i have no idea why you would ever wear those shorts with low tops.. they never look good styled that way.
that jacket looks like armour IRL andy
maybe those people have figured it out.
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