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Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Serious answer: I was joking. Lighten up, francis. you should do standup
Quote: Originally Posted by zheeto Yeah. I have seen in the past some pictures of you (I often lurk and rarely post) and I am convinced we might wear the same jacket size (only I do quite a lot of rowing). Plus, I remember I liked your taste albeit looking at some items, I didn't think I could possibly pull it of. What jackets do you wear? Can you post some links? I forgot to say something about the target price: I'm a broke student (christ) but...
can't believe ppl drop serious $$ for sweatpants
size 1 is for sale on sufu i think. stared at my monitor for a long time before i decided i didn't need to drop 350 on another pair of sneakers
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket Why would you sell it if it was warm? because it wasn't warm, it was hot for me in toronto weather i could survive just fine in a wool coat by layering a bit and wearing a scarf/hat/gloves.. my body doesn't feel cold at all if i worked as a snow shoveller or bouncer or something then i'd repurchase
Quote: Originally Posted by Find Finn They have different models for different purposes, the chiliwack etc. is design for an urban environment and is therefore not as warm as the expedition ones, I have a couple of their jackets in different models and they are perfect for the Scandinavian winter and one of them is a Canadian market one, so I don't really see the problem. What does Arc'teryx Veilance retail for in Canada? i sold my...
mmm his are the new lavinz eh? i sold my 41s for $200 6 months ago in pretty good condition.. can't imagine dropping full retail on them
who the fuck is gonna cook this shit for you pending meteorape
dior 19cm toj dr toj0 ysl nomade geller josephs
this is fake right
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