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haha bitches be sippin on cass and hite and aeglus drinkin soju from the bottle
think he's talking about mustachio back there
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense ^ one problem with Nobu and one with shipping. Of course everything's going to get taken care of but it is a bit of a hassle. I will use him again but just wanted to let people know there may be some hiccups. yeah i had a minor hiccup dealing with nobu but hide fixed it up quicktime. i'm still gonna support them because they always correct every issue.
looks fine imo. those are where my sleeves sit on my DR and I never really though twice about it
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug lol. wouldn't really level the playing field much at all. The same people who dress well with expensive clothes would still dress better for the most part. If people find they're super struggling to look good on the cheap, having more money wouldn't really change much other than having more expensive clothes. Though could probably just buy a mannequin or runway look which would make it easier this is the...
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy Im trying to decide what size I should get in the bomber. I wear a Large in Epaulet and gant rugger shirts. According to the Epaulet website the chest for a Large is 21 inches. http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/t...am-Lawn/Detail So what size should I get in the leather jacket? Im unclear how much larger a jacket has to be. Should I go for the 21.5 or the 22 inch chest (size 48,...
prolly old navy or gap or wal-mart has dat jawn
Quote: Originally Posted by Lothar You know all those Asian folks who sell cheap crap from Pyongyang on eBay where everything is tight? I'll bet they have some. Problem is, I don't know how to find them. it's gonna cost about the same with shipping and might not even get to your house by halloween
Quote: Originally Posted by w4hagen I have a pair of Warrior hightops, and while I love the way they look the quality is (as expected) unbelievably bad. After wearing the shoes once the canvas was already beginning to get stained from the glue. After wearing them in the rain, I had to sit down for an hour to get the stains out. Also they run about 2 sizes too big. That being said, they may be my most complimented pair of shoes and they look...
on the topic of chinese sneakers cheap too
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