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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol drew is really fucking bad at taking hints > you want blistered lamb everyone knows
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace After talking yesterday to an SA at the y/b location and learning that this location wasnt going to control access to the mens line I decided to go this morning, showed up around 08:01 and just walked right in, they didnt have the sweatpants there but I picked up the navy tux jacket+slacks, love it!, everything else was gone by 8:30 so from there I said fuck it and headed down to eaton and managed to snag the other...
got back from eaton centre. arrived at about 7, doors opened at 8, i got black tux, navy blue tux blazer and black derbies (couldnt find bluez) in my size. sweatpants were eaten up instantly originally i wasn't gonna keep anything but the stuff fits well and the quality isn't bad at all. was especially surprised at the shoes, shape is good and leather is alright
Quote: Originally Posted by christos cannot detect sarcasm if you aren't being sarcastic, which i know you probably are, not Riff bro if it was a joke it was really bad
just take it as a compliment
who needs a girl when u can put your dick in the flaps of your velcro vagielas
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six Disagree - The thing that makes MC difficult, to the extent it is, is the lack of forgiveness in terms of fit. Everything needs to be within a half inch margin of error. Once you've got that set, a modicum (seriously, a modicum) of taste is all that's really required. I can go to the mall across the street and walk into BBBF, or the Tom Ford section of Holt's, or Ermengildo Zegna, etc etc, and pull any of a dozen nice...
stared at a pair of margiela velvet blue replica lows in my cart on yoox for a while before i realized how unnecessary they are they're 175 on yoox in 40 & 41 if anyone has small feet
Quote: Originally Posted by spagett I haven't found anything exactly what I want yet so I can't show you many pictures or any that are great - but basically I just want shoes that are kind of insane and a little silly, but still sufficiently restrained in their design that they aren't overpoweringly loud and gaudy. http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/i...d935lyyyyd.jpg The color scheme appeals to me as does the construction; nothing is too loud or...
i'm not laughtering japanese rarely wear "japanese shoes" so how about you show us a picture of something you like
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