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Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Maybe I'll post my fits on lookbook.nu I checked it out once but it looked really young and hip and queer. The guy on the top right, currently, looks like he came from some sort of high-end Hot Topic and sowed some playing cards to his pants. The second girl is cute with her varsity. The third guy, I guess his fit is good (i.e. slim and fitting) but if he's not in a band than he needs to be or he's just a fucking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane lookbook.nu nuff fuggin said all the top looks are just of good photographers..most of the looks are consisted of H&M/zara garbage.... ya you hate but at least those kids know how to wear shitty clothes so it looks decent a lot of people here can barely size themselves
Quote: Originally Posted by auc2mic How would a pre-soak prevent crotch blowouts? water strengthens the fibres or some shit
patch from inside
is there a reason you tucked (? kinda) one of the boots
korea: starcraft and k-pop. what more do u need
Quote: Originally Posted by lynch_king failed at flipping it huh? yeah dude i even made my grandma camp out and no one would buy my shit on ebay for 3x the price
if anyone wants the black tux in 36r/32w or the black derbies in 8/41 and you're in toronto, let me know. buy me a venti vanilla bean latte from starbucks and u take it for retail tomorrow =)
usps is the only form of shipping i will accept to canada because it gets handled by canada post (who are lenient on brokerage charges) fedex/ups/dhl all put their big customs dick up your ass more than 75% of the time
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol drew is really fucking bad at taking hints > you want blistered lamb everyone knows
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