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Quote: Originally Posted by halisray quick question: should I hang my leather up on a wooden hanger, or can I just leave it slumped on the ground or over a chair? wherever. just try to avoid storing it on a hanger that would push the shoulders out for an extended amount of time
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi you can return without the dustbag but return that too. seriously that some corny shit, keeping the bag and/or hangers while returning the coat. not like there's a shortage of garment bags i kept mine after returning everything. souvenir from waiting in line for so long
stealin pics from blackbird http://www.blackbirdballard.com/Nom_...igan_9884.html size small, black measurements are kind of approximate.. the thing is stretchy so i'd say it fits a true small or slim medium best s2s - 17" p2p - 18.5" sleeve - 24" cuffed (like in the pic) bottom back collar to hem - 26" 60% wool 40% acrylic, made in japan.. brand new with tags. nice heavy knit, keep you warm this winter. sold shipped from Canada to North America. US will have to add...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fast Eddie My relatively new suit (trousers) seems to be wearing out prematurely.... Wanted to see if there are any good tailors in Toronto that could fix it. Its a really nice suit (Canali) and I got it from a reputable place (Harry Rosen) which I just bought in the summer. Its wearing out in the crotch area.... What is this, why does this happen, and what can I do to prevent this? In the mean time, I need a good tailor who...
Quote: Originally Posted by tit_tyrant Just took a dress shirt to a local tailor to slim down the sleeves, but he said it can't be done and told me I won't be able to find shirts that fit online and to buy from him. So he brings out a shirt that will fit me and I try it on to find the sleeves are still too baggy (for my tastes). His shirt costs $75 but I am contemplating just trying out ModernTailor or a similar website. I guess it's time to troll...
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray :P Mississauga, Ontario, going through customs.. well that was the last update from last night. Probably get it Monday. im driving to sauga to intercept your package and burn it right now. your next tracking update is gonna say "sabotaged, failed to deliver. don't post about it."
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Maybe I'll post my fits on lookbook.nu I checked it out once but it looked really young and hip and queer. The guy on the top right, currently, looks like he came from some sort of high-end Hot Topic and sowed some playing cards to his pants. The second girl is cute with her varsity. The third guy, I guess his fit is good (i.e. slim and fitting) but if he's not in a band than he needs to be or he's just a fucking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane lookbook.nu nuff fuggin said all the top looks are just of good photographers..most of the looks are consisted of H&M/zara garbage.... ya you hate but at least those kids know how to wear shitty clothes so it looks decent a lot of people here can barely size themselves
Quote: Originally Posted by auc2mic How would a pre-soak prevent crotch blowouts? water strengthens the fibres or some shit
patch from inside
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