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CLICK FOR ADDITIONAL PICTURES DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN COAT NAVY SIZE 2 / SMALL / 36 SHOULDER: 16" PIT: 18.5" LENGTH (BOTTOM OF COLLAR TO HEM): 37" SLEEVE: 25" well, first of all.. sorry for the shitty pictures. i had to jack up the exposure cause the lighting in the room is retarded. anyway, up for sale is a DBSS coat i proxied recently off auction. it's 100% dark navy wool and lined on the inside with black cupro (? i might be wrong). i'm not...
my friend has one, it's toasty warm but it's still an ugly bloated n-2/3b if you plan on wearing it with jeans and red wings then you will not look like anything special if that's what you're wondering
toronto has the shittiest drivers and unless you're by the subway the public transportation is horrible outside of the city core: get a car and touch up on your defensive driving abilities
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus did the laundry you just threw it in the washer? temperature/shrinkage info please?
Quote: Originally Posted by puddin i'm not really squeemish about price tags, but i'm having trouble wrapping my head around a cotton hoodie being an "incredible value for the price considering the quality" at nearly $800. i guess it's cheaper if you get paid in yen? i wouldn't argue with someone justifying $800 if they love the design, but for the quality...? it's japanese
Quote: Originally Posted by 2nd sunday So anyone know if these run true to size? they don't 8.5 fit like 9.5
whoever told you a 270 is a size 41 lied. it's a 9/42
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane I'm really digging The Soloist collection by Miyashita...don't even know why. all of us secretly want to look like final fantasy characters
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 You guys are fucking insane. the fuck am i sayin??
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Just make sure that you spell check as you DIDN'T in your thread title! Ever=EVERY i don't think ever would show up on spell check as it is also an honorary member of the english language
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