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toronto has the shittiest drivers and unless you're by the subway the public transportation is horrible outside of the city core: get a car and touch up on your defensive driving abilities
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus did the laundry you just threw it in the washer? temperature/shrinkage info please?
Quote: Originally Posted by puddin i'm not really squeemish about price tags, but i'm having trouble wrapping my head around a cotton hoodie being an "incredible value for the price considering the quality" at nearly $800. i guess it's cheaper if you get paid in yen? i wouldn't argue with someone justifying $800 if they love the design, but for the quality...? it's japanese
Quote: Originally Posted by 2nd sunday So anyone know if these run true to size? they don't 8.5 fit like 9.5
whoever told you a 270 is a size 41 lied. it's a 9/42
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane I'm really digging The Soloist collection by Miyashita...don't even know why. all of us secretly want to look like final fantasy characters
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 You guys are fucking insane. the fuck am i sayin??
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Just make sure that you spell check as you DIDN'T in your thread title! Ever=EVERY i don't think ever would show up on spell check as it is also an honorary member of the english language
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray quick question: should I hang my leather up on a wooden hanger, or can I just leave it slumped on the ground or over a chair? wherever. just try to avoid storing it on a hanger that would push the shoulders out for an extended amount of time
Quote: Originally Posted by Desi you can return without the dustbag but return that too. seriously that some corny shit, keeping the bag and/or hangers while returning the coat. not like there's a shortage of garment bags i kept mine after returning everything. souvenir from waiting in line for so long
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