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geller frames are fine for both, hence all the frames usually coming in both sunglasses and regular lens variety. i have a pair of geller david's that ive swapped to sunglasses and regular lens back and forth, just make sure you go to a reputable optometrist / vision shop.
probably all based on luck... even the ones are yjp/rak disappear pretty fast at prices close to retail. i'd say just proxy a new one to save yourself the trouble - you won't regret it.
it retails for 41k yen + tax.
yeah you're probably right - i retract my statement on not stretching. that being said i wouldn't rely on stretching a pair of kangaroo visvims.. buy the right size : )
price includes shipping to us/can international pm Size S (46) Excellent condition, minimal wear (wrinkle from storage) Floral lined sleeves Navy diamond pattern
they're really durable and don't really stretch
i think the brand is a bit hard to discuss cause it's not that accessible outside of Asia and NY. all the pieces are pretty awesome - sometimes hard to wear though. i don't own or wear as much of it these days but i still have utmost faith in miyashita rumour has it some retailers like HAVEN will be stocking soloist soon, so perhaps that will help in increasing popularity : )
price includes shipping to us/can international pm FW11 Size 1 (Small / 46) Excellent condition Corduroy lined placket/cuffs/collar, 90/10 cotton wool blend, pattern lined buttons
price includes shipping to us/can international pm SS10 Less But Better Size 2 (Small / 46) Very good pre-owned condition (slight fading) Double zipper configuration, UC branded zipper/rivets, made in japan s2s 16" p2p 19" sleeve 24.5" base of back collar to hem 23.5"
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