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cheaper to proxy from japan tbh
this model was faked a lot in HK when it came out and commonly sits around on YJP auctions as a resulti could be wrong though - but generally any visvim footwear that is brand new without box or tags is already a red flag.
i wipe them down sometimes but for the most part i gave up.. especially in canadian winter
nice meeting you man!
no flywire, uppers, swoosh are all different as well
Size 2 (29-30W) Mint condition Jun's ultimate distressed black jean featuring intricate distressing and thermal knit panelling and patching.
im the dude that sold you the jacketit looks good but u have an 8" drop so it accentuates it a bit. geller bombers back then had a straighter silhouette, similar to the RO exploder. if the ribbing was too tight it would look too girly.. kinda like a canada goose bomberfyi the past few season's bombers come nowhere close to the quality of that one in terms of outer material, lining and filling.. but at the end of the day if you aren't happy with it then that's all that...
the vibergs will last much longer and take a beating betterthe virgils will make you happier
price drop - $232
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