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Lorenzo speaks very good English and I have found Romain to be fantastic. I have really come to admire my Cifonelli garments. I have used Huntsman, A&S and Cifonelli. I find them all great, but they are all different. The handwork on Cifonelli is world class-- especially the stitching. Cifonelli, as many of you have said, is really in between Huntsman and Italian tailors. A&S is different, but equally worth it, in my opinion. It took me some time to get used to...
Hi! Great questions. I am still not sure what your budget is for cufflinks as I have seen some sets it over $100k. I would look at cufflinks as two types: 1. Modern and 2. Vintage. In regards to modern cufflinks I think the best quality include Van Cleef and Arpels-- their mystery set links and studs are amazing; Cartier, Asprey, Graff, and Tiffany in NYC, in London, Longmire, Benney, Asprey. However if you want something extremely special and unique, I would look...
Well let me enjoy this one first!
Just wanted to let everyone know that in the end Cifonelli was more reasonable than I expected.
That is my fear. I know my suit was around the 6K us dollars. While its expensive... and on the same price level as Huntsman, I can see the handwork and the attention to detail Lorenzo put into the suit. I am scared for the price of the sport jacket.
Kuro is right! Their pricing online or if you call them includes VAT. We do not do VAT here in the US, so definitely subtract that out. Even shipping is not that much. The other thing I was impressed with regarding Cifonelli is how efficient their shipping is. Yes, the UK bespoke tailors are just as swift, but I was surprised that using FedEx they were able to get it to me very quickly with no hassle.
Sure. I can take photos with my iPhone this week. How do I upload the pictures?
I hate to say it, but I am not sure. Its always scary when you do not know the price! I know that their suit was about the same price as Huntsman's. I would suspect that the travel jacket is about the same as a Huntsman jacket. With that said my Cifonelli garments came today and they are fabulous. Different than my everyday suits from A&S or Huntsman, or Logsdail, but just as nice... and they have a special quality to them!
Kuro, you are very right. I think your put it better, their business suit is distinctive, I found it a bit more stylized than the British styling, but I like it a great deal. Their English is not horrible and Lorenzo is fantastic to work with. I also agree that their attention to detail, checking of all measurements and passion for their work sets them apart. I also like their travel sport coat (I actually have them making one that is just about finished and I had them...
Hi! I have had experience Cifonelli- as well as great bespoke houses in London and NYC. I was introduced by a friend of mine in NYC who said I really must try Cifonelli. Although I resisted for more than a year, I confess, I am glad I did try them. I am very impressed with Lorenzo and Massimo. I have met with both of the cousins, but I have more experience with Lorenzo. Having something made by Cifonelli is very different than the British bespoke makers. I believe...
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