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big drop---195-->125
what an effort.
as a tall fit young person (F**k me, right?) i fully endorse pleats. Typically, I think of pleats as an advanced move. For suits, i almost always prefer a single pleat to ff. In genreal I think the key to making them work is 1. making sure the trousers in question are not khaki chinos. 2. No belt 3. getting the break exactly right. too long and you achieve the ultimate in slouchy middle manager, too short and they'd make wilt chamberlain look stubby.
Groom in a southern california day time, outdoor summer wedding. (Southern California casual summer wedding must conjure up awful images of khaki suits and white vans... gag) My instinct is navy 2btn, black balmorals, glenn plaid tie. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of my navy suit. I am extremely picky about suits, and don't have the budget to buy one I would be happy to get married in. I do have a navy blazer that works for me, right width lapels, right gorge height, all...
This is very very old. I actually found this thread because I like the look of your Rimowa on MostExerent. I greatly admire your aesthetic and ethic. And the integration of the two.If you still have the halliburton and are willing to sell it, I am interested. I am a working student in D.C.- anything leather would look like it was wearing me.Also, I am depressed 2008 was 4 years ago.cheersben
huge drop. Trying to sell asap.
Unfortunately I think I need to be a size 11 and not a 12 in these bad boys. Walked around in less than 100 yards. PM me if interested, will ship promptly. I have been to lazy to post pictures. They are NIB, but if you want to see the actual boots you would be getting I can post pics. Drop$260>>>$210 Best ben
My Uncle bought me these boots for christmas but I think I need to size down to an 11. Tried on and walked around in, perfect condition. Will ship promptly, looking forward to buying a new pair as soon as I get the money from this sale. Thanks Ben
measurements will be posted today. Sorry for the delay. best ben
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