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they did put a rush on the last remake- took about 3 weeks. Unfortunately, the rush didn't work out. I'm sure this remake will be expedited as well. At least Bakers is super easy to work with and really wants the customer to have a quality product.
So my Black Chromexcel Bounty Hunters that were ordered in June and initially arrived in July are currently in their 3rd remake. I posted pictures of the botched job on the stays some months back. Well, as expected, Bakers asked that Whites build me some completely new boots, which they did. Just learned today that upon receiving the boots, Bakers noticed a small cut on the vamp of one of the boots and has asked Whites to, again, rebuild the boots. Needless to say, I'm...
so after a bit of perusing, it seems that the 1A generally fits a bit larger than the 3A or 6A? Is that correct?
Just in time for the holidays! The sweater is in excellent condition. It has only been worn 1-2 times as I bought it in late winter and live in the southern US. It has been stored in a dresser for the past year with cedar blocks to ensure no moth damage! Essentially it is new without tags. As you can see, the spare button and yarn is included. I purchased the sweater from Inventory last year. I would be willing to trade for a new/slightly used Inverallan 3a, preferably...
I ordered those Oxfords through Bakers and they are labeled Hathorn on the interior heel pad.
While I don't have a picture of my the back of my exact boots, this is what my boots looked like before sending them back for repair.Maybe there are slight variances in how they do the pull straps, but regardless, mine looked pretty terrible.
I know! I was astounded. How could you every think that looks okay?
so, full disclosure, I plan to use this post to vent a bit. I ordered a pair of Bounty Hunters from Bakers back in the summer and was quite pleased with how they turned out. Total production time of under 5 weeks, so no complaints there either. After just a handful of wears, one of the pull straps tore so I sent them back. I checked in with Baker's after 4 weeks or so to see if there were any updates. They informed me that the boots had to sent back to White's to replace...
I hear ya- this is my second pair and I'd only worn them a handful of times before the strap tore. Fortunately, it has been too hot for boots for the most part down here in the durty south.
Any idea how long it typically takes for Bakers to turn around on a repair? The pull straps on one of my boots tore and I sent it back a few weeks ago- I know they received the boots September 23, but haven't heard anything from them since. I realize that it hasn't been that long- just wanted to know what the turn around time for others has been.
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