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my boots shipped! only 25 days after ordering! I'll try to post pics soon but as these are a birthday present from my wife, it is unlikely that she'll let me open them before the end of the month...
New Build!! Bounty Hunter Leather Liner: Cream Height: 6" Toe Cap: No Thanks Celastic Toe Box: No Thanks Toe Vamp Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter) Hardware: All Nickle Eyes Heel Base: 90 Degree Blocked off Heel (Traveler) Steel Toe: No Thanks Size - Width: D (medium) Heel Lifts: 1/4" Lower Top: Cut Top (standard) Midsole: Single Lace Design: Plain Toe Edge: Natural Counter Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Upper (Shaft)...
Would it be advisable to get the boot lined if I want to go with the Chromexcel leather? I have some loafers in that leather that is unlined- but was wondering if a liner might help the boot from stretching too much.
is this a joke?
those are beauts! Did they come with those laces?
Any plans for a Memorial Day sale? Thanks.
Agreed!I asked this before to no answer (which may mean I should contact Bakers directly) but does anyone know if it is possible to get the tongue leather in a different color if the rest of the boot is in a different leather?
Baker's does't offer the close trim on the Bounty Hunter but as it's on the same last as the SD, wouldn't it be possible?
random question: any idea if Baker's can modify the tongue color? I want to do some Bounty Hunters in black chromexcel but wanted to get the tongue in navy chromexcel if possible.
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