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Thanks for letting me know- sorry again!
While I did put some pressure on it, it shouldn't have been enough to tear. I was surprised by the ease at which it tore, and upon inspection of the other (non-torn) pull tab, I noticed a notch, if that is the correct term around the the same spot where the other tab tore. If this notch existed on the the damaged tab, it may very well have caused the tear.The boots are lined- hopefully they replace the whole tab and don't simply stitch it up (which may be problematic...
So I ordered a pair of SJs from Bakers recently and after only a handful of wears, the pull tab on one of the boots has begun to tear. Not the seam but the actual leather (chromexcel). Before I contact Bakers, I wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else and if I should expect them to fix it? In my opinion the pull tabs should be functional, no just aesthetic.
Yep- soft toe. My SD's have the celastic toe and wanted something a little sleeker this time around.
So here are my new Bounty Hunters: black chromexcel w/ navy chromexcel tongue, nickel hardware, 1/4" lowered block heal, close trim. I tried to capture the navy tongue but the lighting isn't great. Needless to say, the contrast is subtle. They are a bit roomier than my SD, but I think with some insoles, they will be a perfect fit. Probably won't get much wear out of them until it starts to cool down, but I think they are beautiful boots!
I just ordered some bounty hunters w/ close trim. you can simply request it in the comments box upon ordering through Bakers.
got my boots today! will post picks soon. they look great, but one heal stick out noticeably further than the other. does anyone know how much it would cost for a cobbler to fix this? and would it change the color of a natural trim sole? i really don't want to send them all the way to back to Oregon if its a cheap fix nearby.
my boots shipped! only 25 days after ordering! I'll try to post pics soon but as these are a birthday present from my wife, it is unlikely that she'll let me open them before the end of the month...
New Build!! Bounty Hunter Leather Liner: Cream Height: 6" Toe Cap: No Thanks Celastic Toe Box: No Thanks Toe Vamp Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Last: Semi Dress (Bounty Hunter) Hardware: All Nickle Eyes Heel Base: 90 Degree Blocked off Heel (Traveler) Steel Toe: No Thanks Size - Width: D (medium) Heel Lifts: 1/4" Lower Top: Cut Top (standard) Midsole: Single Lace Design: Plain Toe Edge: Natural Counter Leather: Black Chrome Excel by Horween Upper (Shaft)...
Would it be advisable to get the boot lined if I want to go with the Chromexcel leather? I have some loafers in that leather that is unlined- but was wondering if a liner might help the boot from stretching too much.
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