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Just listened to 'Slayer - Seasons in the abyss' I haven't heard it in close to ten years i think... I've always thought it was the quintessential metal song.. just awesome. All of slayer are wearing RO.
that's not true at all. Nonnative stuff tends to lose shape really fast, WM's stuff holds up well to washing, wearing, etc, their jackets are some of the most well made i've ever seen.
Just bought a 1000$ wm cardi and I'm underwhelmed. Bought a welcome shirt (tbs x our legacy) and I like it a lot
why don't you just 'claim' it, and charge the repairs to the store you bought it from.
sucks that lawyers have to use gameboys for computer screens.
Everyone has been assigned. Next step: After you finish your package, please send the tracking number + user name of your giftee to styleforumswap@gmail.com. If you don't have tracking, please include a photo of your receipt.
if I get you, you will receive a print of the stephen harper nude that was painted last year.
i'm liking those junya x trickers wing tips..
I shave my head/beard every month, let it grow out, and then cut again..effortless style.
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