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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I think that this thread is more open-ended. So, I'll start: Underrated brands: Golden Goose (especially outerwear), Roberto Collina (hard to beat their knits at their pricepoint). I looked at some Golden Goose the other day, and found it to be... underwhelming... and a bit expensive. Edit. That said, I think that P.A.M and Maharishi are putting out some pretty avant garde stuff, that no one seems to like.
Selling more shit, the t-shirts look like they're in bad shape, but it's really difficult to photograph black with a flash. Rest assured, they look great. Prices include shipping, as long as a minimum of 50$ is spent. Returns accepted. Paypal gift or add 4%. Spellbound Black Denim size 32 (fits 34) Bought at Blueowl a couple of months ago, worn twice, pretty great denim, unfortunately it has to go. Bought at 215$, yours for 175$ A.P.C Petite Standard...
I have the opposite problem.. big shoulders/chest and a smaller waist.. my shirts always have this 'cape' thing happening.... that is, until i switched to japanese brands.
You should go on and on about how great this fabric is. It's the main reason i bought this piece & the shorts in the same fabric.
DROooops all around.. bundle price with savings of 400$!
Pretty sure I saw those bushpants at roden gray yesterday in 29.
my bush pants stretched like apc's.. i bought the 32 as well, and they're about 34 now. For reference, I also wear 33 in the west point and 32 in the anti fit. My favourite w+h piece or the linen shorts though. I wear them every day it's sunny.. all my other shorts are sad. Quote: Originally Posted by s3lam thanks man, I wear a 32 in the anti fit chinos and 33 in the regular chino (but probably could size down to 32 accept I like a bit more room...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I disagree. I wear mine all of the time. They stay up better than any other socks I have, including socks that literally cost 10x as much, and they hold up to wear. Paul Smith socks FTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blog Marley Buy 10+ socks at Happy Socks get order half off. Stock is going fast. And the socks are awesome, it always gets me complements from women. Happy socks are garbage.. I hardly wear mine and 4/10 pair have small holes starting at the seams.
nice pants, good price! remember these are vanity sized so they fit more like a 36. Bump for good seller.
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