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exactly. kinda run into the problem when going to the city for fun.. 'oh fuck, we gotta stop at roden grey to pick up some clothes for me'
I live an hour away from Vancouver, and I still order online all the time. Generally I'll go there every few weeks or so, and try shit on. Then contemplate and order later.
I recall it was November. Supposedly it'll go ahead. Not sure how much stuff will be there since a lot of the last seasons stuff was made in Japan.
You claimed they were 'painted on' well.. then there's pressure.
dude, it's cone white oak denim... it stretches a lot. Within a week those things will be loose all around.So.. Buy 1" smaller than your actual waist size.
size down, cone stretches like a motherfucker.
why are you selling? If you had a large i'd buy.
You should just stop by blueowl in seattle and pick up those triple works like i recommended
Figured here is a good spot to ask, looking for wings and horns hoodies and sweaters in L. If anyone is already sick of their polartec duffle i'd take that too.
hah, last time i wore my cargos was with training boots as well.. I'm 6' 170 pounds and I found the medium (which i bought) a bit on the big side.
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