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just bought a few UU pieces -Hooded Blouson -Easy Jacket -two shirts
yeah... RECENT PURCHASE Monitaly Mountain Parka
yeah. I just about bought it just now.. I'm thinking the Mountain parka will be better.. especially at 252! Just bought a tan EG one though.. I guess 2 can't hurt.
I also believe they had a longer version with more stripes as well. Maybe it was only in their lookbook
That nigel shirt in 'hudson bay' colours is amazing.. I really wanted that Monitaly jacket in the same colours last year.. missed out though..
that papsico mix of that song is out of this world.
Pretty sure he doesn't understand the lyrics.. his swedish accented english is subpar
autechre is good... I love 'vose in' It almost makes me cry at the end.. The knife is good too.... my 6 year old loves 'marble house'... oddly... Isn't IDM as a genre dead now.. 10 years ago I was really into it, now I just throw some S.A.W on every once in awhile.
royksopp is for middle aged guys trying to be cool.. For snowmans fit.. either listen to Boards of Canada, or perhaps the BeeGees
I was waiting for union to drop their price on the navy field jacket.. now it's sold out in my size...
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