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I like the washed out look.. where are these stocked?
Just bought these from End for 375$ + 77$ import duties.. Rather than returning for credit, I'm looking for a quick sale here. These are marked size 10UK. I'm a 10.5 US so these are a bit big on me. Vibram Christy sole, Wingtip boot. Looks amazing.. nice supple leather and pretty lightweight.
I know it's a bit late.. but!
I had 4 pieces proxied Uniqloxundercover two jackets, two shirts. 220 dollars.
That may well be, but every time I purchase something from EU it's always 77$ regardless of how much the items are.. it's completely fucked.
This is a steal at 140$.. people don't seem to have appreciation for nonnative + white mountaineering here... or at least not with their wallets. A 600$ sweater isn't moving at 140$ but a used pair of APC's would...
Is there a lot of UU left?
Mellow can't stop wearing the canvas shoes! Best cp's ever somehow.
WM Deluxe, NN, Undercover SOLD
New Posts  All Forums: