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Brand new pair of Maharishi officer deck pants size L. Just didn't work out for me. Cost 150 GPB, sacrifice at 120$. http://www.maharishistore.com/product/0001064000/mens/pants-&-shorts/trousers/2361-officer-deck-pants/maha-olive/2361-officer-deck-pants-maha-olive-mens-pants-&-shorts-trousers.html
Essentially new pair of apc's.. measurements are available anywhere.
Keep the coat?? This is the 5th time i've tried it on, and I'm still not sure.
Surprising amount of flavour for a light beer.. a summer time favourite.
fuck muslimgauze.. next up merzbow.
ditto, teger is smoking crack tonight.
Bought this shirt in spring, and it still has the tags on it.. probably won't wear it. fits like a regular Large.
Colour navy, fit's about a 34" waist. Worn twice, still have tags.
Just picked this up from Union Los Angeles. Not really working for me. Trying to sell on here or it will be returned. http://store.unionlosangeles.com/products/driving-coat
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