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Posts by habitant NOBD to send you some.
is that on 1st in vancouver?
in regards to quitting smoking. I quit 8 weeks ago, and since have hated every minute of my life. Wondering if it's really worth it.
probably 50's or maybe a 52
Wanted WH Fishtail Parka in either colour in new condition.
Wanted in great condition size L.
you should grab size 34 or 33
I find with Nanamica, you still get performance stuff without it looking like too technical. Especially the shirts and pants have a more casual look to them, overall a lighter feel than what SISP & Veilance offer even though they offer lighter clothing & colours in the summertime as well.. I'm only speaking from my personal point of view, but I find that all the technical stuff only really looks good in bad weather. Like you really need goretex in the summer anyway.
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