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just go for a different jacket. CDW makes a nice puffy coat that would fit better sleeve wise.
SW sales are always so disappointing. Nothing I want went on sale =/
there are some fancier APC ones at 4Horsemen..
I would size down.. I'm 6' 175 and I wear a Large.. and I find it's a bit loose.. you won't want to wear anything other than a thin button up underneath either.. since it's so freakin' warm.
Thanks for backing out of those WM boots man.
Wings + Horns West Point Twill Navy Wings + Horns Reversible Sweater Gray Wings + Horns Polartec Duffle Black A.P.C. Shoulder Zip Wool Sweater Navy A.P.C. Sweatpants Navy pretty stoked.
I agree with that, I used to buy things just because they were on sale, and they always end up in the buy & sell.. Nowadays I have to try an item on before even purchasing it.. regardless of measurements and shit like that.
I would stay away from those... leave your jeans for the denim companies. *edit Plus, those pants leave a lot to be desired when you can have different options from that brand.
I said that like 4 months ago.. terrible.. there is not a single item I want from them... save the horribly overpriced choctaw ridge stuff.
time to up your bench press.
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