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so you married into it...
I just had the absolute worst experience with these guys. I asked them to reduce vat, they didn't, but never told me they wouldn't. I ended up paying 58$ duties on 100$ worth of goods. To boot, the items were US made, so they should be duty exempt.They won't do anything to rectify the situation either.
read that dale carnagie book.
wings and horns anti fits
size down 1 from your wpc
fuckkkk.. you need at least 200k to live well in Vancouver.
I would say 200$ is a steal for that jacket.
I've always wanted an old m3.. but i haven't found one that I really liked.. today while browsing this http://www.splendidauto.com/viewcar.aspx?carID=363 came up. Anything I should know about this?
I think obese people in all fairness should be demonized the way smokers are. OMFG UR KILLIN MI CHILDREN.
Words to live by.
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