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Just had a Cali sledgehammer zinfandel... really good for the price.
there in lies your problem with women.
what's the wings and horns code?
a patagonia down sweater or an arc'teryx veilance insulator jacket will be much better.. and can be worn alone.
Anyone get shipping confirmation from slam jam yet?
White shirt would look better.. Plaid would look even better.. navy would look best.
I'm actually re-buying a junya coat from them that I sold. I've lived in sorrow ever since.. now... slam jam is my last light.. I hope it doesn't fade out.
looks like slam jammed got slammed with orders yesterday... They've posted an apology.. hopefully they didn't sell the items i bought more than once!
Rob owns a significant amount of stock in wings and horns..
Roden Gray is probably one of the wealthiest mens shop around.. the owner also owns wings and horns. So every wings sale he does is almost all profit.
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