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Anyone want to proxy a pair of those aquamarine petite standards for me?
pft fucking porter pre charges duties.. way to turn 50% into 30% booooo!
My wife has one too, didn't like it at first, but in nautical outfits it looks alright. don't tell her I said that.
20% off' footwear at Haven 30% In Store at Nomad 30% off' Rick @ Blackbird
Fuck man, that video is hilarious.. Gordon Ramsay is a total twat though.
I was being sarcastic..
what kind of shorts are those? Remind me of wings + horns, but i'm sure they're not.
Fahrenheit is so amazing that the entire world uses it....
I recently drank a 2000 amerone, I had a hard time with it, didn't care for it at all.
You think Viberg would make a cordovan sneaker? Imagine an achilles on a ripple sole.. pretty bad ass.
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