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wrong forum
That's so 5 years ago, it's all about chocolate and wasabi now.
oboy, thatguymj is supposed to send yours, check with him. nineohtoo, yours is from sexonfabric, should be there soon, international shipping and all. conceptual forest should send his package asap
It sucks when people receive gifts and not post pics.
I think wh pants are all good. I think I have 15 pair. All their other stuff is meh.
from the emails it appears Cbusguy sent your package to spacepope on the 20th of DECEMBER (!) so, he should have it.
your giver is CBUSguy...
I think he's proxying via spacepope.. who's awol atm.
Wow, got back from Vacation to this. Everything seems to be working out, as far as the people who didn't receive their packages PM me, and i will check my 'master' list and PM your SO's. Also, waiting for me was a gift from Stanley Van Buren. Completely went all out on this. Some cologne, a Descendants record (how did you know I listen to old school punk rock?) some orange marmalade my wife will gobble up. Also in this package was a peculiar ball, printed on said ball...
i still think it looks better on me!EG3WorksNonnative
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