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That Sacai jacket is really nice!
For fans of kavinsky check out FM attack and miami nights 1984. Specifically memorex by FM attack is brilliant.
Sydney nova scotia?I found myself searching for a hooded sweatshirt today, and to my surprise I don't actually own one. WTF?
Finally got around to taking some pictures of stuff. Buying multiples will result in a good discount. Accepting trades for Nanamica. First up. TenC Field Jacket size 50 (Large) Everyone knows about this one. Crazy knitted Nylon, waterproof UNDER water. Made in Italy by some ex guys from Stone Island and CP Company. Designed to develop a unique patina with wear. Worn this a few times. $600 Arc'teryx Veilance Field Jacket LT size M Gore-tex warm weather weight...
Picked these up at Inventory last year. Worn a few times, look brand new. Made in Canada Size 11 (Fit TTS, size up .5 from your main guide size)
Hrmm, my brother recommended the solomon gore shoes as well.. I just don't know about wearing rainbows as footwear. I find the diemme boots are nice and supportive. Will definitely check out 'OutDry' where is it stocked?
Well Atwood is a good writer. I just read otherland again and it bored me to death.Edit, all four books.
did you read 'the year of the flood' ? Also, isn't there another one coming out soon?
With all your cash you can buy all the stuff in my classifieds, we will be best friends .
I guI guess I'm just used to a goretex pro shell. I don't like the fabric absorbing water.
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