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I took size 45, i wear 44 in CP's...
i'll take your conductors jacket fo sho.
I hardly wash my clothes at all.. I never do anything strenuous. I'll only wash next to skin wear.
Bump for last minute additions
you're right.. i don't know my numbers and letters.
I think we should cap it now! we have an even number of people. REMEMBER! SEND YOUR ADDRESS (INCLUDING USERNAME) TO styleforumswap@gmail.com I noticed only a few of you have done so.
Now I know what to get you
giving a gif > receiving a gift.
I always wanted to do something with design when i was younger. Was accepted at Emily Carr here on advanced placement due to my portfolio. Ended up getting my girlfriend pregnant, decided to keep the baby and move in together at 19. Worked in horticulture ever since, now I own my own greenhouse and am pretty happy overall.
no drugs only drukqs
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