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Thanks GDL, been able to track down many of these. Will subject my wife to a lot of movies she won't want to watch in the next week. Also, any books about the early years of western interaction with Japan? 1600-1800? I find it a fascinating time.
Yes, I'm looking for nice vistas, thanks for the other recs guys.
Hat: Maiden Noir x Ebbets Jacket: TenC Shirt: Post O'Alls Pants: Engineered Garments Shoes: Russell Moc
Could anyone recommend a few good movies filmed in Japan? Would prefer in english or available with english subs.
I find that Bourdain feels restrained on parts unknown. Like right wing CNN is specifically going to these 'conflict' zones with him to show that they're hip. IMO the entire show seems phony, no reservations was more raw and sincere.
Maybe off topic, but I loved hotel zenden there.. really nice, plain and centrally located.
Belgium? If you have any spare time, check out Maastricht in Holland. It's a wonderful city.
I'm tracking some cantillon atm. I think the saying goes 'don't look a gift horse in the mouth' though.
For shipping it's all about keeping the weight down. In Canada our bombers are around 5$, I could probably pack and ship about 6 of them for around $55-$60.
I'm in, should be fun. How much beer are we supposed to send? From what I understand you should send to Canada using USPS to avoid problems.
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