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Should buy a nice set of speakers
I have a pair of pretty mint willy post pants for sale in olive size 34
I vote to disband the forum.
Does sheep hair change after they have sex?
Fwiw I bought a pair of soundmagic e10s as beater earbuds and I'm shocked how much I like them. Very detailed, comfortable even during excersize.
I only listen to hidef and I've never looked back.
B&O have the nicest looking equipment, at a very premium price with average performance.
I wear full eg now. If I were dating I would definitely wear full APC or something inoffensive like that. It's like showing up for a date in an old lancia Delta vs. a sensible 3 series
Personality and clothing are not necessarily linked. I would be the same person if I just wore jeans. I'm talking about full eg, or full Rick etc. I would be too self conscious to dress the way I do if I were dating. I would definitely tone it down to more basic things. I think more universally appealing.
I feel many of us would dress differently if we were actively looking for a life partner.
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