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I have cinch pants in black wool size 36
I also have a bunch of stuff available: Outerwear size Large -Northwood jacket in Black -Coverall Jacket in Uniform Serge Shirts size Large -Corded cloth plaid shirt in red gone -Rounded collar/hidden placket floral -Tab collar shirt in navy/white polka dots -Chambray work shirt -19th Century BD shirt in white sold -19th Century BD shirt in Floral Print Chambray -Needles Long shirt pullover in gray sumi ink -Needles rebuilt shirt Bottoms 34-36: -USN pants black -USN...
Too retro.
Maybe this is a strange place to ask. I will have the chance to have a house build on a piece of property we've just acquired. I've been poring over plans and designs but I can't find anything that interesting. Is anyone here a designer or architect that could help me out with some ideas?
I just wanted to bump this up, I received my beer today. THANKS PILOT!!!
That dessert..... *droool*
My 52 liner is too small for my 52 short parka.
that's definitely a nice one!
Prurients jacket is one size too small, those New balances ruin the fit. Randomthoughts fit would look awesome with some big Yuketen boots.
Just had a growler of west coast IPA with fresh mosaic hops. These have ruined me, as every other ipa tastes bland now. The brewery is old Yale, just down the road from me. Their stout won Canadian beer of the year last year.
New Posts  All Forums: