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The design forum is awful. It is full of elitists and amateur woodworkers
Looks good, I wear it quite a bit.
People just need to experiment and find out what works for them. That takes time. Oftentimes I see comments or advice that are definitely misguided.
To be fair this is one of the only interesting threads on here.
Damn forgot how high those were
I know, I'm just nostalgic! I think in the thread format there was more participation though. Now it's its own entity, difficult to engage potential buyers with.
Living in NA the last thing you want to do is take a chance on EU products. The return process is very expensive.
To be fair the buy/sell thread before this 'new' format was waaaaaaayyyy better.
Are you in Holland JBravo?
I think it's the most wearable. Very similar to fw13 I think. I would feel comfortable in every piece from this season. Not so much this spring/summer.
New Posts  All Forums: