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Looks good, I think that scruffy beard you had a couple of weeks ago would really make this outfit look even better.
because there'll only be 3 coats, some old Mtn parkas in XXL and xs
No point in proxy for wings and horns. it will mostly be a shit ton of henleys in summer colours and old pants. prices are usually 40 for henleys 75-100 for shirts and hoodies 150+ for blazers and outerwear
video games cause violence. Point and case.
Then you will find that you wasted $470
it's a bit sad that I still know most of the fatalities for mk2. down forward back back HK
TenC's material really sucks, as long as you like the design of the coat, that's all that matters.
Not enough leeway with thumbholes, shits always pulling at your shoulders.
$300 pants. I've had many things by them, and I really don't think any of the stuff is worth more than 30% of MSRP. The quality is shoddy, the designs uninspired. Lots of recycled looks every season.
Chrono Cross = Garbage, XenoGears OK. Skies of Arcadia phenomenal. Also very partial to the Shining Force series, I still fire up the genesis to play sometimes.
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