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Just picked up the last chambray floral Large in north america and the e1 serge pants from forward. They have a nice return policy and ship usps to canada
@Jagger_On I'm interested in the uniform serge pants, are they stretchy at all? Or will the fabric give an inch in the waist?
Picked up the 5 pocket pants in cord at jack straw, nice solid pick up there. Moleskin jacket so nice Anyone pick up the e1 yet? How did you size?
Looking for black EG outerwear in Large, anyone want to sell?
Size down, the shoulders and sleeves are too long
I have the Addison oxfords from that same factory from a few seasons back, they got very narrow
Did they ever have size 11? I didn't clue in that these were Yuketen on mrrkt
You can sell anything as long as you are passionate about your product and won't take no for an answer
You just have to whore and hype your product, give a lot of samples away. Be on the phone all the time to potential stores, keep at it.
New Posts  All Forums: