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doesn't work on diemme and CDG.. or maybe just not at all?
I live in Vancouver, BC.. fact is that it rains basically all the time.. arc'teryx was designed here. Hardshells are more of a necessity than anything else.
looks great paired with jeans
isn't it all about staying dry?
I think some people think there's one mythical jacket that does it all.. I have 10 or so jackets that I wear during a variety of activities and weather.Current jacket that I wear the most.. is this thin pertex layer from Nanamica, it weighs like 50 grams, and I still can wear it with a t-shirt when i'm hiking in 5 degree weather. It's DWR coated so it is water resistant, and overall just great.They sell for around $200 on nanamica.com. North Face Purple Label also makes...
it's douchie to wear a hardshell WTF?
caseyfud.. for 6-7k you should find an older civic SI. they are bulletproof and fun to drive.
I'm in too, but i'm not organizing it this time.
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