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Since you're already so big, there's no point in wearing such voluminous clothing, it just looks awkward. Try something sleeker.
I normally wear needles stuff in L-XL, I guess i needed an XL. This one is definitely slimmer than the 3b coat. the inch less in the shoulders is what killed this for me. p2p is 22.25 s2s 18
Received my short parka today, no liner or collar or anything.. The fit is spot on though. Sleeves are fine.
So I received my needles leather patch jacket today in Large, too small for me. If anyone is interested in it, let me know. the price was around 180$.
lazy question, who's stocking the cpo's? looking for a size large, the bureau only has a Navy left.
something doesn't look right here.
you do realize that Roxanne is a lady of the night?
Great car for taking pictures, I'm assuming, being a classic alfa it broke down in that spot.
All it takes to be successful is being a bit sleazy
No kidding, at 40% i'd like to stock up on shirts too, size L
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