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I just bought my first pair of Spectus shoes. They feature the boa lace construction, the shoes fit very well and secure. Not crazy about the looks, but I'm a sucker for novel things.
Your loss probably.
Does the Bureau do Black Friday? Can't recall.
Just list higher than you're initially comfortable with. That way you can do a few reductions and end up at the price you wanted.
Charm bracelets
Granville island is good in Vancouver, the rilette at Oyamas is spectacular
I'm on the hunt for the Wings & Horns x Ace Hotel X Nanamica cruiser in Large (either colour) if someone sees one please PM me and I'll interac money transfer on the spot!
Were there any of the WH collabs at the sample sale? I'm looking for the WH x Ace Hotel X Nanamica field jacket in Large.
You still want those shorts?
Roomier in the entire top block as well? Or just the legs?
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