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Really sad to see this one go. This is the ultimate summer, warm weather shirt. Unfortunately (and i'm pretty upset about this) it doesn't fit anymore. This one is sized Large, and should work for anyone with a 43 or 44 chest.
Imported this from Japan, sadly it's too small. Original price was around a $100. Size Large.
NWOT. Bought at context and never wore it.. Size M, but fits more like a large. Originally $185.
Size Large. p2p 21.5. Bought at blueowl a little while back. Hardly worn..
We should do a streetwear challenge where the object is to clash as little as possible with your environment. How well do you integrate into your life.. etc.
everybody loves a chubby dude?
Has anyone ordered straight from reggieshop to north america? I can't seem to find out how to check out that way. Even though they list pricing for international shipping.
I think if you started lifting weights your entire look would work better...
Have you gone yet?
A year or two ago this thread would be filled with wings sample sale chat. Not so much anymore.
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