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Sounds like a great time.
This was the most casual i've ever looked in my life, tried to fix some of the stuff from before. Junya jacket nanamica shirt Triple works pants nonnative shoes
I'm kind of a stuff person.. like Elixis I have a hard time looking 'natural' in photos. I'll swap out the pants and try again.
Jacket: Junya (thanks s3lam) Shirt: Casca Trousers: Stone Island Shoes/socks: Nonnative
anyone ever buy anything from triads?
You guys joke, but I have that outfit and it's really nice. Went for a run in freezing temperatures and I was nice and hot
As opposed to one of the 45 back up singers.
never realized i felt the same way. weird.
New FM attack kills
air max '93 are nicer in original colour.
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