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I hear you, for some unfathomable reason I want those spectus shoes.. even though they're ugly as sin.
Right now I find them to be tight. Like i said I've only worn them for that picture. I hope that they will stretch a bit with wear, otherwise i'll just open the hem and remove the elastic. The pants themselves are fantastic, definitely worth checking out.
They are thick wool elastic cuffed pants. This is the first time I've worn them, and only really because someone requested it. I generally wear that outfit with loose lightweight USN pants. I also really like the haco, I have two pair.https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2353/navy-wool-uniform-serge-e1-pantHere's a link to those pants.
6' and a bit, i chose M. I pulled the hem down as far as i could, then just walking outside for the photo they rode up to that height. I did another outfit with boots, but my phone died.
x-post from eg thread -Needles x 2 -EG -Superior Labour -Haco Schuh
do this seasons fatigues fit like last season? IE size down? Here's that pic of the e1 pants
I think you're thinking of intermediates. The workaday line is really hard to wear, everything is just big.
Also, the most expansive.
I will do it today
You can request to have items shipped by royal mail, as long as said item doesn't exceed 2kg
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