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Thanks for all the help. Stowa looks great. Would it be better than an oris?
really like the sinn and damasko watches
Looking to buy a watch. I have about a grand to spend. Looking at an oris big crown or one of the aviation models. To me it seems like a nice watch, any opinions or other suggestions for a watch in that style? Another more expensive option would be a bell & Ross officer. Thoughts appreciated.
Gahhh. Addicted to chrono24.
I know, but i want them anyway. http://www.diemmefootwear.com/collections/Verona
Have to have these boots, can't find them in beige.. only blue.. WTF! (they are diemme veronas) ((ceoceo of course snaps are better than buttons))
I have the thigh length black one.. I think it was 850$ new or whatever.http://www.bbclothing.co.uk/acatalog/Stone_Island_Jackets_si7581542810v0029.html?source=********&siteid=40957&utm_source=********&utm_medium=affiliatesLet me know how it is.. can't justify buying one.
looking for a good pair of slimmish shorts. I wear under armour atm and my legs are swimming in them.
I was talking about the stone island ghost pieces. Yes as far as technical goes, tenc isn't that great. The jackets look great though.
I have owned a field in the past.. it's really sub par. Still regret selling it though.. the smell of the knit nylon is really good.
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