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Post O'alls x 2 Engineered Garments Nonnative Arrow
I picked up a pair of fatigues and a club collar shirt from Working title. I also want the blue dayton and french twill huntsmen pants in blue... all blue!
That's a bit harsh.
never thought of it like that. it still has value.
it's a bit on the small side. I can wear it without a liner, but even then it's too small.
Okay, after 3 months of not fitting this jacket I've decided to sell it. It's a black short parka size 52 with a olive down liner. This would fit a person who normally wears M-L
I have cinch pants in black wool size 36
I also have a bunch of stuff available: Outerwear size Large -Northwood jacket in Black -Coverall Jacket in Uniform Serge Shirts size Large -Corded cloth plaid shirt in red gone -Rounded collar/hidden placket floral -Tab collar shirt in navy/white polka dots -Chambray work shirt -19th Century BD shirt in white sold -19th Century BD shirt in Floral Print Chambray -Needles Long shirt pullover in gray sumi ink -Needles rebuilt shirt Bottoms 34-36: -USN pants black -USN...
Too retro.
Maybe this is a strange place to ask. I will have the chance to have a house build on a piece of property we've just acquired. I've been poring over plans and designs but I can't find anything that interesting. Is anyone here a designer or architect that could help me out with some ideas?
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