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I think that charging $300 for a generic fabric 19th century shirt will cause more abandonment of the brand than ubiquity. The overall styling is a lot safer than it was 3-4 years ago.
Would EG sell more volume if they reduced their prices by 50%?
How far away are we from Visvim collaborating with a traditional Dutch wooden shoe maker? Could even go three ways with a native artist and paint Haida designs on them. Sell at $1999
I was browsing A Kind of Guise's website and they actually get traditional German makers to make their stuff and then mark it up 200%. Their shoes are made by Haco, but from them it's 200 euro more than from the factory itself. I guess Junya has been doing this for an eternity though.
Specifically SS fatigues. I have the navy high count ones from this spring and they're faded as hell. The fabric is also very insubstantial to the point of feeling cheap. OLs cotton/linen trousers from the same season feel a lot more Lux at 30% less money.
The overall quality of the garments is going down too. Cheaper fabrics and construction.
Maybe we've hit the ceiling and prices will come down. A 100% increase in EG prices in 5 years is also crazy.
Lucky dry break in Seattle
No more black then....
Being from BC it's cheaper to ship to ANY state than Ontario, its fucked up.
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