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James, do you hate money? I can't believe you're selling for so cheap.
Die hard?
25 around isn't that bad, there are lots of pants that measure 13 across the thigh.
Shit, at first I thought you meant because of his shitty new album.... damn, I thought he was immortal.
I'm around 200 6'1" 44 chest and I wear large and xl. I do prefer a slimmer fit than mok, so I probably should only wear xl.
Double that up with a corduroy shirt and you're in for a great time.
Just received this Levi's x Pendleton shirt in the mail today. I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the wool.
What type of dye would dye synthetics?
What type of dye is typically used when garments are 'overdyed' I'd like to dye a pair of pants, but i don't want to risk using conventional dye. I've noticed that a lot of the time the stitching would not dye. I'm trying to go from khaki to black or navy blue.
New Posts  All Forums: