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Basic 60/40. Nanamica has decent fabrics bit nothing really to warrant the price. The designs are good though.
It hurts my soul when people buy Luxery items at 20% interest.
Those are a waste of money. Patagonia down all the way
What's up with piratebay and isohunt?? what are other good sites?
Lulu lemon boxer briefs are ultra comfortable. For some reason I've been thinking about how to pronounce beneseyed. -Ben ice head -bennis I ed -Benny said Sorry if this has been covered
How long can you wear all those layers without going into thermal overload? Seriously great for though, I'd lose the chambray to clean it up a bit. But still great nonetheless
^. Too much of a hassle.
Sounds like a great time.
This was the most casual i've ever looked in my life, tried to fix some of the stuff from before. Junya jacket nanamica shirt Triple works pants nonnative shoes
I'm kind of a stuff person.. like Elixis I have a hard time looking 'natural' in photos. I'll swap out the pants and try again.
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