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I'm looking for vibram soled trickers, or vibergs for that matter. Basically any light weight sole. Any tips? I checked out End, looking for a more local supply,.
If by size down you mean size up, then i agree.
That's what I found as well, I'm looking for the book that showcases the rebuild naval coats
I know I've seen the rebuild by needles AW 2014 Lookbook somewhere, can someone please link it.. can't find it anymore for some reason.
Wool is worthless in the pnw, it only rains here
Isn't it a useless piece of clothing for Phoenix?
So, you're sending it back then?
Hooded shirt thing so cool. How much? also I can't believe nepenthes lied to me about that floral shirt
Typically the clothing on haven looks more slim than reality. They must pin their clothes or really size down.
Well, I guess they never mentioned how they were going to credit me if I returned the product. DAMN.
New Posts  All Forums: