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I'm in, should be fun. How much beer are we supposed to send? From what I understand you should send to Canada using USPS to avoid problems.
kind of hard to judge a fit on a torso shot isn't it?
Your plant looks amazing, mine is a bit yellow.
we hired a couple of Guatemalan guys recently. I am now known as 'Don Lukas' I feel like I've waited my entire life for this.
Charley Boorman is very cool, way better than sissy boy Ewan
Gentleman indeed.On a side note, I heard an interesting article on the radio on the way home about how Facebook is ruining peoples lives. How there's a stronger drive to compete with friends or even acquaintances, or create an online persona that their current living environment cannot sustain. I'm sure this is true on Styleforum as well, how many people spend more cash after joining here than before?
this is vile, the first beer I've ever poured down the sink. I should've never read the back.
Bought this recently but it's too small for me, original pricetags for $560 still on this jacket. A production of Needles, the stand collar coat comes with a button front placket and sheepskin leather detailing at all pockets. 100% cotton Sheepskin trim Dual pouch hand pockets Single left chest pocket Made in Japan Size Large: 22.25" Chest 18.5" Shoulder 25" Sleeve 28" overall length
Not sure if critique warrants being called a 'motherfucker'. I could be wrong, maybe in the U.S.A this is appropriate behavior.
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