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I spy a dude with pants in the water!
Well, I was just halfway when I said that. The story is coming together now.
I just wanted to apologize to @ManofKent,@eluther and everyone else in this thread about the distasteful comments I made a few weeks ago. This has been bothering me ever since and I hope that it was understood that the comments were made in jest. In light of that, I realized that many of my comments on here can be construed as negative. I am not a negative person in any way, and I don't want my posts to reflect that. I also understand the sensitive nature of my...
Sorry, I thought you meant small FWK. My mistake!
My wife has a size 0/fwk
I have a FW15 CPO in NYCO Navy for trade size Large. Looking for brown/olive pants size 34/36
I have this, the only thing weird about it is arm length, I'll dig up a pic when I get home.
I'm reading snow crash now.. So convoluted.
So, basically like Haven then?
Nice nonnative boots.
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