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The moleskin jacket is nice, the buttons are on it are bad though. Would swap.
Did someone here pick up the Post O'alls Calico quilted shirt from Haven today?
How are those? They have 4 packs of those at the store for $19.00I recently received my Dieu du Ciel order, Aphrodesiac is a good stout. The Hibiscus one is okay if you like that kind of stuff.
I'm happy that I saved myself for the Inventory sale. Those are the items I wanted mostly this season!
my jacket is pretty small now with the liner
Obviously you're doing this to fuck with people, to see how many thumbs you will get..
Casualties of Cool is very good, almost like a new genre of music. Definitely listen.
Check out diemme veronas or some pistolero chelseas. very nice.
I bought one, just as a warm layer
I wear mine like that.. I think it's fine.. It's not like he can size up.
New Posts  All Forums: