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I believe waiters actually earn a living wage there. Also, not interested in those nonnative pants I offered you!?!??
I'm sure this has been covered before... but I will be going to Seattle next weekend, from friday to sunday. Looking for cool things to do that are a bit off the beaten track. I've visited lots, so I've done a fair amount of activities & sites. Looking for restaurant tips as well. And of course Com Truise is playing a day after I leave.
Is anyone or has anyone ever had issues with theGentry? After a really rocky start to my order (stuff was sold out, package wouldn't track) It's been about 2 weeks. I've spoked with the staff and they assured me i would receive a refund if the package didn't arrive. Now for the last three days communications have ceased. What gives? I thought they were a reputable store.
I think the moral of the story is:air dry that fucker instead. I have never, ever washed a gore-tex jacket.. I generally wipe them down.
No i mean like an extra 20% of sale items. Maybe i got mixed up with the Roden Gray email that came in at the same time.
Dunno if I'm smoking crack, but I thought for sure that there was an extra 20% at Tresbien... I can't find it anywhere.
The slash dot effect
BNWT Our Legacy zip t-shirt size 50. $75
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