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I'm fit but not really slim, I need to lose 15-20 pounds to be slim, but I like working out a certain way and eating a certain way. I think the problem is that I know that I can lose the weight in a couple of weeks, so I don't really bother.
I really like my diemme veronas. I wear them all the time. As much as all my other footwear combined.
I just phoned and shipping to Canada is $75. For a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.. crazy.
CDG guerrilla 1 is pretty great. A little bit more metal than 888 or 2
Looking for EG shorts, specifically on sale. Are any places doing sales?
In the secured underground parking lot of the marriott. The entire thing was caught on camera. My insurance deductible is $300, but doesn't cover any stolen items.
My brand new car was broken into Friday night, stolen was: -my wife's purse -Stone Island Ghost Jacket -Engineered Garments Jacket If anyone in Vancouver sees a homeless person with either of these pieces, please kick the shit out of them.
They're just moving
Fwiw, Maastricht is one of the nicest cities to visit in holland. Who's going to the grand opening of havens new shop Friday?
Sized Large. Runs a bit small like APC does. worn 3 or 4 times, great summer shirt.
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