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He'll still look like a douche, maybe even more so with the AMG package. Here's a real car: http://splendidauto.com/viewcar.aspx?carID=402
I can't yet say for sure they're a confirmed scammer, but I PMed them ~20 hours ago asking if they had any clue why Paypal was holding my funds and I haven't heard back. The geos were delivered to them today, and although I tried doing a transit intercept to have the package returned to me en route that function was down on the USPS site. I called Paypal and was told they will likely eat the charge and return my money to me, but googling similar situations from other...
Should have measurements posted with clear photos. Describe the condition in the description... kind of basic.
I noticed that liner jacket last night as well, what jacket does it button in to?
That twill hunting shirt is so cool, I think I'd never wear it though.
Jacket is a bit short
Has anyone been to a book reading before? David Mitchell will be here on Friday, is it worth an hour drive to go see him?
Bought these at Haven this summer for something ridiculous like $350, worn once. Deadlifts and squats make it so these don't work anymore. What's different about these is that these jeans feature a really heavy taper, modified by LVC to resemble a real Vintage pair from some Cowboy. (whatever, slim jeans are popular right?) Sizing information: Waist: 17.5 Front Rise: 11.5 Thigh: 12 Knee: 8 Hem: 7
These are the Diemme X Slam Jam Special Edition Roccia Vet Hikers. These cost around 600$ new, bought direct from Slam Jam, have been work around 10 times. Like new.
These are the Tanino Lows in thick reverse leather, compared to other sneakers the leather used on these is more similar to that used on boots.. The quality on these sneakers is amazing, they feel much more substantial than Common Projects, even though they are made in the same factory. I bought these new, and worn them once, consider these like new. 9.5/10
New Posts  All Forums: