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Casualties of Cool is very good, almost like a new genre of music. Definitely listen.
Check out diemme veronas or some pistolero chelseas. very nice.
I bought one, just as a warm layer
I wear mine like that.. I think it's fine.. It's not like he can size up.
Does anyone have the reversible brookline from FW13? Black with navy/white polka dot in size XL?
I would love to see some more le laboureur fits.
Have listened to the new Pink Floyd about 5 times now, while it's good I can't but feel like it's just some b-sides that never made it the albums before. It's all very safe, new age, adult contemporary.
Up for grabs is the ultimate iteration of the Engineered Garments Field Parka from FW11. This one is in the most desirable olive colour. Bought this one from Inventory Stockroom. Size is Large, these don't come up for sale anymore, the only reason is that I've outgrown mine. Much better than the new ones.
Bought the wrong size on this one, mine's sized M, hardly worn. More info here: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2140/olive-twill-41-khaki-pant
I have had to face a hard reality but I've found I don't fit my field parka anymore. it is a large FW14 (THE BEST ITERATION) in the best colour - olive. I also have the Northbrook in black, similar in fit to the field parka.
New Posts  All Forums: