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My experience with Japanese retailers Is that they must pull the fabric really tight because their measurements are always larger than north american retailers
Looks like it fits small to me
So you're saying that every day is worse than the day before. Is this day the worst day of your life?
My wife just discovered envoy of Belfast. Bank account drain!
This thread is really turning out to be a bike upside down with its wheels spinning.
That car will be abysmal to drive on roads.
Crazy man, you pull it off well.. Looks like you are in better shape than before too.
I also have a bunch of stuff available: Outerwear size Large -Northwood jacket in Black -Coverall Jacket in Uniform Serge Shirts size Large -Corded cloth plaid shirt in red gone -Rounded collar/hidden placket floral -Tab collar shirt in navy/white polka dots -Chambray work shirt -19th Century BD shirt in white sold -19th Century BD shirt in Floral Print Chambray -Needles Long shirt pullover in gray sumi ink -Needles rebuilt shirt Bottoms 34-36: -USN pants black -USN...
What size is that cruiser, if its a large I will take it off your hands.
Quick question. Lafayette pants and shorts fit really big correct?
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