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It'll be 38 after one wear
The banded collar shirts all seem smaller
Am I crazy or are all the shirts sized down this season?
I have a couple of things I'd like to trade. Primarily looking for pants size 34/36.. but shirts and jackets in Large are cool too. -SS15 Corduroy fatigue shorts size 36 Olive -SS15 Corduroy fatigue shorts size 36 Tan -SS15 Navy Ghurka short size 36 -FW15 Outback Canvas Fatigues size 36 Olive -FW14 USN Pants Black size 34 -FW15 USN Pant Gray Bedfordcloth wool size 34 -FW14 Workaday 19th Century Shirt size Large white/blue stripe -FW13 Miner shirt size Large Black/gray plaid
Short parka, looks good with the hood. I mainly wore it completely stripped down.
Wouldn't we all, in a perfect world.
to be fair I only added stuff to it.
You can do 10M sales and not make any money at all. I'm in production, so for us the only driver is to produce more. The only thing that matters is the bottom line.I think many retailers aren't flexible enough in their pricing strategies. Typically the only reason people are in business is to make money. If someone asks for free shipping on an order that they otherwise wouldn't pay I'd say go for it.
But would you rather do 10M sales with 5% profit, or 100k with 20%....
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