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$400 for a shirt today is cheap.
Last Sunday I ended playing Symphony of the Night for a couple of hours, it's still so good. Downloaded the soundtrack end listened to that yesterday.
My perfect jeans are the LVC 1954, the only issue I have with them is the zip fly.
I do wear a belt, but still. I've fully embraced the high rise now. I wear my belt just below my chest.
Just bought a pair of OL jeans and I'm constantly pulling them up
Anyone living in Munich willing to proxy A kind of guise this weekend?
Automation is really the only way forward. Machines don't make mistakes, they're never sick and don't complain. They don't even mind if they don't run for a week. But that's really all industry. The only things left for humans to do is add value.
Bluesound series speakers are nice if you enjoy high res audio
I think that charging $300 for a generic fabric 19th century shirt will cause more abandonment of the brand than ubiquity. The overall styling is a lot safer than it was 3-4 years ago.
Would EG sell more volume if they reduced their prices by 50%?
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