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I have the e1 pants for sale in uniform serge size medium. only worn a bit around the house. pm if interested
At Parallel 49 today they were infusing their hoperation with peach & jalepenos. Very strange, but good.
I think you guys should get hammered, watch a dropkick murphy's show and get into a fight.last man standing wins
Meet up at dunns or elysian, all the beer would make for less akwardness
I like unibrau i just had their apple beer last week, really nice. Any other good recs?
Anyone here drink Canadian beer at all?
Picked this up last Summer. I'm also selling the F/W version of these, the difference between the 2 is the contrast hem and the weight of the wool. Never got around to wearing them as they are a bit small on me. It hurts to accept that fact and let the pants go. They are wonderfully constructed with the greatest care. The fit is loose without being baggy, the wool fabric has a nice weight to it and it simply oozes quality. MSRP on these is $575. These are sized 34 and I...
This shirt was bought at Haven, it is a heavy weight terry material, partially lined inside. Size is XL, fits more like a Large. P2P: 22" S2S: 18" Sleeve: 20" Length: 27"
Bought these from Jay at Blueowl a few years back. I have the indigo pair as well, this one fit slightly smaller so I never got around to wearing it much. These were new $275, and widely considered by denim enthusiasts to be the BEST slim denim around. These are becoming more and more difficult to find, especially in this size. Size 33: Waist: 17" Rise: 10" Thigh: 12" Knee: 8" Hem: 7"
Bought this at End, wrong size. Cost to much to return so now it's up for grabs. BNWT, size Large P2P: 21 S2S: 17.5" Overall length: 26"
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