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Right, in north america it probably won't happen.
No and not going to happen. More demand will keep driving prices up.
Overseas investors are snapping up real estate in thriving cities.
When a company decides to implement efficiencies they are typically looking to boost the bottom line, not pass savings on anyway.
Machines are a one time cost. Labour comes back every month.
Anything available with a vibram sole anywhere in a size 10.5 us? I just love the light weight soles.
Might be interesting for someone with a shoulder width of 18" for me at 19.5 it didn't work
I just got a lined engineers jacket from Yahoo Japan today. It fits well everywhere except the raglan shoulders are narrow which pulls the sleeves
The design forum is awful. It is full of elitists and amateur woodworkers
Looks good, I wear it quite a bit.
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