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The black denim is not selvedge, at least it wasn't 5 years ago.
You mentioned Tender, but anything I've ever bought from them fits funny.
Absolute best game of all time. I think I own like 10 different releases. On a side note I've just finished reading pattern recognition, and now I want a Buzz Ricksons.*edit though the Original Game Boy release of Tetris is a very very close second.
It was just a riff on the conversation we've been having about overpriced clothing.
$400 for a shirt today is cheap.
Last Sunday I ended playing Symphony of the Night for a couple of hours, it's still so good. Downloaded the soundtrack end listened to that yesterday.
My perfect jeans are the LVC 1954, the only issue I have with them is the zip fly.
I do wear a belt, but still. I've fully embraced the high rise now. I wear my belt just below my chest.
Just bought a pair of OL jeans and I'm constantly pulling them up
Anyone living in Munich willing to proxy A kind of guise this weekend?
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