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Size Large. p2p 21.5. Bought at blueowl a little while back. Hardly worn..
We should do a streetwear challenge where the object is to clash as little as possible with your environment. How well do you integrate into your life.. etc.
everybody loves a chubby dude?
Has anyone ordered straight from reggieshop to north america? I can't seem to find out how to check out that way. Even though they list pricing for international shipping.
I think if you started lifting weights your entire look would work better...
Have you gone yet?
A year or two ago this thread would be filled with wings sample sale chat. Not so much anymore.
I just bought a car to curb my spending on clothes. Weird right?
I'll be there the weekend after may long
I have quite a bit of sassafras, the quality is outstansing
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