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Where are you?
Just sold me on the pub jacket, how did you size?
Just found a job opportunity to connect these influencers to the manufacturers.
What's to stop brands from enlisting these microadvertisers and move traffic to their own website?
Maybe that was true before. Today blogs/websites/social media is probably a bigger driver than the stores themselves. Often I hear about a product online and then look for a store to buy it at.
Sounds like you own a retail shop.
Sure, but the manufacturer would control that aspect of it, a third party middle man doesn't add a lot of value.
The new way forward is linking buyers directly from the source, the entire middle man part of our society needs to be eliminated.
Investment bankers, lawyers, real estate agents and their ilk are the real problem with our society. They produce nothing and still leech money that ultimately comes from manufactured goods.
New Posts  All Forums: