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Workaday stuff is huge, basically like going up one size.
Didn't miran get matched with cforest the last time we did this?
Boxing day, brother.
Both good
It's Italian, DUH!
How does one style engineer boots. I always wanted a pair, now they've arrived and I'm stumped. Should the pant leg go over top of the shaft? Or should I roll my pants so they sit on top? Cuff? I'm already not liking these things.
Cool, will pick it up. Having a sahti tonight. Interesting like a mix between a red and an IPA
You are like Scarlett Johanson in lost in translation, I'm sure you'll meet your bill Murray soon.
The moleskin jacket is nice, the buttons are on it are bad though. Would swap.
Did someone here pick up the Post O'alls Calico quilted shirt from Haven today?
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