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Up for grabs is the ultimate iteration of the Engineered Garments Field Parka from FW11. This one is in the most desirable olive colour. Bought this one from Inventory Stockroom. Size is Large, these don't come up for sale anymore, the only reason is that I've outgrown mine. Much better than the new ones.
Bought the wrong size on this one, mine's sized M, hardly worn. More info here: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2140/olive-twill-41-khaki-pant
I have had to face a hard reality but I've found I don't fit my field parka anymore. it is a large FW14 (THE BEST ITERATION) in the best colour - olive. I also have the Northbrook in black, similar in fit to the field parka.
@nomad They are Diemme Veronas. super light weight slip on boots with a vibrant sole. I wear these 90% of the time and absolutely love them. http://www.diemmefootwear.com/collections/Verona
For Mok. Eg x 3 Diemme
yes, just shells.
How difficult is it to acquire 'Heady Topper' would someone be able to procure some for me and send it to Vancouver, BC? I will pay proxy/shipping/whatever/trade
how much bulk does the liner add? my sleeves are already tight.
That's what got me going on this, great book. Also being Dutch and having a grandfather who was a good history teacher on the subject helps a lot.Thanks for joining to make this contribution. Good advice about hani bi, I really liked Takeshi Kitano in 'Brother'
Brave, with those pants.. I can't seem to get mine to work.
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