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Bought the wrong size on this one, mine's sized M, hardly worn. More info here: https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2140/olive-twill-41-khaki-pant
I have had to face a hard reality but I've found I don't fit my field parka anymore. it is a large FW14 (THE BEST ITERATION) in the best colour - olive. I also have the Northbrook in black, similar in fit to the field parka.
@nomad They are Diemme Veronas. super light weight slip on boots with a vibrant sole. I wear these 90% of the time and absolutely love them. http://www.diemmefootwear.com/collections/Verona
For Mok. Eg x 3 Diemme
yes, just shells.
How difficult is it to acquire 'Heady Topper' would someone be able to procure some for me and send it to Vancouver, BC? I will pay proxy/shipping/whatever/trade
how much bulk does the liner add? my sleeves are already tight.
That's what got me going on this, great book. Also being Dutch and having a grandfather who was a good history teacher on the subject helps a lot.Thanks for joining to make this contribution. Good advice about hani bi, I really liked Takeshi Kitano in 'Brother'
Brave, with those pants.. I can't seem to get mine to work.
Thanks GDL, been able to track down many of these. Will subject my wife to a lot of movies she won't want to watch in the next week. Also, any books about the early years of western interaction with Japan? 1600-1800? I find it a fascinating time.
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