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Sounds like the XL would be too big, I could probably fit the M. If the new down liner is any indication of the fit, I should just wear the Large. I tried it on at Inventory and it fit like a dream.
That awkward pose does seem to work with that look.*Also, the guys @ gentry always roll the fuck out of their pants, and it works for them. On anyone else it would look dumb.
I'll take a fit pic on sunday probably, i'm not wearing them anymore
Just for a bump, which one? I have the 3b Jacket already in a size Large and it fits just fine. I wonder how accurate the sizing is on the other piece, I have never seen it before. http://page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d158228325 http://page23.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o60279228
Jack Straw? A dream for me, I wear M/L. John knows how to buy for his customers lol.Wore my Ghurka pants today, mine are the 8 ounce olive canvas. They are much more substantial than the 8 ounce weight led me to believe. They are also very soft to the touch, really nice on the skin. I ended up sizing up to a 36, and I'm glad that I did, throughout the entire leg I have just enough room. Definitely my favourite pant this season so far.
Too dark
Would you share the photo?
I was going to basically say the same thing as Eluther. I'm 6'1' and I tried both the Large and the Medium and I didn't notice much of a difference. Maybe the shoulders fit a bit better on the M but it was still huge. The sleeves on both were long and wide. I think that the M could be pulled off by someone who is at least a couple of inches taller than me. The long sleeves really threw it off for me, and I typically don't have have any issues with sleeve length.
I'm 90% there's a common fern in one of them.
Was at Inventory Vancouver for a bit yesterday and had a chance to try a few things on. Opinion on the Highland Parka is that it's essentially like wearing a blanket, wouldn't recommend unless tall and slim. The reversible coat on the other hand was sublime. Comfortable to wear both ways, nice heavy feel to it, not restrictive, I went with my regular size. Out of all those things, the only thing I left with was a real mccoys t-shirt.
New Posts  All Forums: