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just bought a pair of diemme x apc at ssense for 160, today I went back for the same pair in a different colour and it went back up to 270, weird huh?
Squats are going well I see.
that was the only good part
Speaking of individuals, I recently attended a pennywise show, I didn't realize that mainstream punks still existed.
I'm looking for white size 11 will pay 25$ proxy
I have the original apple iPod sound dock made by b&w. It's pretty decent for outside. Another great portable stereo is the first gen jvc kaboom. Would rec both. Headphones are waste of time unless you have a killer amp or dac
I'm fit but not really slim, I need to lose 15-20 pounds to be slim, but I like working out a certain way and eating a certain way. I think the problem is that I know that I can lose the weight in a couple of weeks, so I don't really bother.
I really like my diemme veronas. I wear them all the time. As much as all my other footwear combined.
I just phoned and shipping to Canada is $75. For a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.. crazy.
CDG guerrilla 1 is pretty great. A little bit more metal than 888 or 2
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