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That dessert..... *droool*
My 52 liner is too small for my 52 short parka.
that's definitely a nice one!
Prurients jacket is one size too small, those New balances ruin the fit. Randomthoughts fit would look awesome with some big Yuketen boots.
Just had a growler of west coast IPA with fresh mosaic hops. These have ruined me, as every other ipa tastes bland now. The brewery is old Yale, just down the road from me. Their stout won Canadian beer of the year last year.
Tricker's depend on last I size down generally about 1.5 from my brannock size
I was gonna say that's not mine, there are some BC beer in there, but a few I didn't know about.Fat tug is a great IPA though.
Not sure if a city going bankrupt is worth it, even if you think it makes a good back drop.
http://shop.havenshop.ca/collections/cypress Haven just released their own clothing line. Pretty cool, I especially like the zip shirts and cowichan sweaters. I do think it's priced a bit high, especially considering Illustrative Example is Livestocks line of basically identical items at 60% of the cost.
They are quite popular right now, I had one on the weekend that was pretty good. It was an Imperial IPA-Weizen though.
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