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I recall there was this Mykita sale at one point. Can someone confirm that this is something that happens annually?
I think @colabear likes whimsical things. IHe just faces a challenge making these things work for his proportions. IMO WVB is able wear things that are fun that work for him.
Walter van b should be colabears style inspiration
You look good in 'normal' clothes. What made you change?
I would wager that if retailers got together targeting certain brands about this they would adjust their NA msrp
I suppose it doesn't make sense that my go to store nowadays is in Belfast, while I live in Vancouver, BC.
I think a white shopcoat is hard to pull off. EG makes a nice one though, light fabric, perfect for spring. Here's a blue one, but they also make it in creme.
Definitely not cut, don't care anymore.
46" 6'1" 220. Starting to grow out of brands.
New Posts  All Forums: