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I thought you were seducing the camera!
Kind of a weird pigeon toed stance, and a creepy look .
That's what I was thinking. Maybe dye them a sassy blonde.
I really like Abraxis' fit as well, very flattering.
I'm looking to Dye these boots. Anyone have any tips. It looks to be 'hairy'
I also have a bunch of stuff available: All size Large" -Coverall Jacket in Uniform Serge -Rounded collar/hidden placket floral -Tab collar shirt in navy/white polka dots -Chambray work shirt -19th Century BD shirt in Floral Print Chambray -Needles rebuilt shirt -Classic shirt hunters print Bottoms 34 -USN pants black -USN pants blue Shoes, I'm an 11 in Nikes, 44 in Common Projects etc. I'm sure you will figure this out. Trickers Keswick Brogues size 9.5 UK Russell...
Ancient Russian proverb: 'If you can't button your jean jacket, you probably should have sized up on it'
Squarepusher Theme and tundra are un-fucking-real. I literally listen to those on repeat.
So you're going to stop wearing EG, what's next... Epaulet?
Under floor heating is a nightmare. Better off trying to hide some baseboard heaters
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