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The actives likely wouldn't be placed in an optimum position, therefore having a tool like DSP could make a huge difference. In another thread I touched on user friendliness in audio. I think active speakers with DSP are the way of the future.
I think he meant DSP which can make a huge difference in performance.
The naim sound is just a bit coloured and mellow, very easy to listen to but it does lack in resolution.
Naim is nice for people who aren't into HiFi. A naim xs with a set of Totem Hawks will please most people.
I think that vinyl is nice, but I think it has sort of a quasi hipster ironic feel to it, also it can be very expensive if you want to retrieve the best sound. You can do nice things with digital today, and it's very user friendly. A lot of the designs are quite nice as well, for instance I really like AURALiC, their all in one Polaris is a killer device. It can eliminate an entire rack of HiFi, Peachtree is doing nice things as well these days. Speakers are looking...
It would be cool to showcase local audio manufactures as well. Moon & Totem in Canada, Devialet in France. PS Audio in the states etc.
Just from a marketing perspective. Audio companies keep advertising in the same places, and trying to sell the same thing to the same customer. I think audio and fashion would work well together in a store setting. Typically music is played in stores, it would be pretty cool to have the hardware displayed and possible offered for sale.
One could argue the point of the active speaker system. You can easily take it with you whenever you move. All you have to do is add a source, some even work off' just bluetooth.
Like Dynaudio actives, that type of thing. Things that simplify things for people. I'm all for more esoteric items as well. HiFi seems to have trouble catching on with young people with disposable incomes.
That said, I can get 25% off Dynaudio products, pm for more info.
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