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Do you even read what you write?
Nice day for a picture! TenC Engineered Garments Diemme
Just raising the point because a few people (including myself) are reluctant to buy at full price. That must mean we find it's too expensive. I do buy other items at full price. https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/4943/dark-navy-moleskin-portview-jacket Does that jacket really need to be triple of the Laboureur jacket it was inspired by?
Is EG too expensive?
I'm the same with nowadays. I rarely go into stores anymore either. I just stick with what I like. I like EG 19th century shirts. When I first started buying them they were around CAD $175. Nowadays you're paying CAD $350 for a blackwatch shirt. That's a 100% mark up in 4 years. The shirt is technically overpriced at $175 already.
Mr. Glass
Fav. Joy Division song
I guess i feel responsible? I know this person in real life as well, so that adds another layer to it. I also told him to contact Visvim. Just wanted to see if anyone else had experience with this.
So I have a problem. I sold someone a Visvim bickle. I originally bought the jacket from Rakuten. I only wore it once or twice for a minimal amount of time. The jacket was perfect when I sold it. However after the guy wore it for a bit the goretex tape started to come off and now the jacket is completely falling apart. He sent it in to get repaired, but supposedly it is not repairable. What do I do?
Wow, another unicorns fan. I really like nick diamonds. Watch them live all the time (as islands)
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