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Would you share the photo?
I was going to basically say the same thing as Eluther. I'm 6'1' and I tried both the Large and the Medium and I didn't notice much of a difference. Maybe the shoulders fit a bit better on the M but it was still huge. The sleeves on both were long and wide. I think that the M could be pulled off by someone who is at least a couple of inches taller than me. The long sleeves really threw it off for me, and I typically don't have have any issues with sleeve length.
I'm 90% there's a common fern in one of them.
Was at Inventory Vancouver for a bit yesterday and had a chance to try a few things on. Opinion on the Highland Parka is that it's essentially like wearing a blanket, wouldn't recommend unless tall and slim. The reversible coat on the other hand was sublime. Comfortable to wear both ways, nice heavy feel to it, not restrictive, I went with my regular size. Out of all those things, the only thing I left with was a real mccoys t-shirt.
Mok, I'm a 45 chest and can still wear XL
Anyone going to the Gentry tomorrow for their sample sale? If so, dibs on all post o'alls stuff in large.
The Highlands are not the ones he's talking about, those are similar to the W+H service pants. You're thinking huntsmenhttps://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/2555/olive-8oz-canvas-huntsman-pant
*envious!I picked up some ghurkas as well, i sized up on them. We will see.Also, if anyone here wants a pair of those bush pants, I have some wings and horns in true waist 34 that i'm looking to get rid of. blue poplin. They are brand new.
Looks good alex, making great progress. I've never been hit with duties from Japan, generally only every other country on the planet though.
you're just supposed to rock out and forget about fashion
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