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damn, unreal. all that's left is crop now
Took me 3 seconds, a little hirsh harsh maybe?
I'm finding a lot of stouts smell great, but often are kind of watery. Some imperial stouts lose their 'stoutness' and it ends up being less than smooth. I'm aching for a nice stout, something full bodied and sweet. Any suggestions for someone in British Columbia?
scamster I may have a short parka in 52 if it ends up being to big
Looks good, I hope one will stick around until sale time. Also, inquired today about those sonic lab items. $540 for the hunting parka, $385 for the shawl collar, and $265 for the fatigues. I kind of want them.
I don't know, I subconsciously I must like them, it's a weird thing.
I hate Chelsea boots, I own a couple of pairs and wear them all the time.. because they're easy.
@thatoneguy http://www.gravitypope.com/clothing/womens/engineered-garments also, jack straw
Agreed, i get more wear out of them than any of my other footwear.
that is insane for those E1 Pants, could you PM me how you took the elastic out?
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