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I would like to buy some Hoodies for Fall.. I really like the hoodies of Rallph lauren or Superdry as they are slim fitted.. Are there any ohter brands that you could recommend of making nice hoodies? Thanks!!!
Looking for a Belstaff New Panther or Brad in Hazelnut/Burnt brown in L. Preferably brand new. Please PM me
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Or this: Nice! There is a very fine Smoking Jacket at Corneliani this Fall, does somebody in this forum also has access to discount on that thnx
Thank you for the hints will post in WTB and have a look at ehaberdasher! Actually I am from Germany, thats the source of confusion.. These two jackets have similar names..
Thank you, im a 38R... Actually Im searching a midnight blue Smoking Jacket or a midnight blue velvet dinner jacket.. Pakeman has two smoking jackets, but only in bottle green and burgundy.. any idea?
Does anybody know, where to get a midnight blue smoking jacket like this, max about 600 Dollar? http://www.seanjohn.com/blog/wp-cont...om-Ford-41.jpg
Dear Gentleman, would like to purchase a crocodile or alligator belt in chestnut. Could somebody recommend a good source in Europe? Should be something like this http://www.trafalgarstore.com/item/N..._3_Colors/7879 But heard that trafalgar is producing in China and the Quality isnt that nice... Thank you
yes, but is the pattern barley corn tweed also a common known Harris Tweed pattern and appreciated as standart popular colour? Sorry but dont know anything about that. As this is my first tweed i want a basic and something that actually looks like harris tweed. Imagine a simple black harris tweed, you would look like you just bought a black odd jacket with bad hard fabric, you know what i mean..
Thank you, i have a good source though.. What about the styles, which is better?
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