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If you see the oundle anywhere else than Jermynstreet in London please let me know
thanks so far, has somebody else an idea?
Hey, Im going to visit London in two weeks and the original Flagship Store doesnt have my favourite shoes in stock. So I would really appreciate If you could name some more retailers of Edward Green Shoes in London, who else does sell Edward Green in London?
Gentlemen, i would like to order EG Shoes, but Im not sure about the colour and the width. I tried the Oundle in the 888 Last in width F, which had a nice fit around the foot. Due to the fact that I have a high ball the strap didnt felt 100% comfortable, so my first question would be how much the difference between width E and F is, does that compensate half a size? So either sticking with the UK 8 F or going with UK 8 1/2 but E? Furthermore I'm interested in the...
thanks for helping I also think UK 7,5 will be fine, but heard a lot of people recommending to downsize a full size, can somebody confirm that?
Good Morning Gentleman, would like to order Santoni Goodyear Double Monkstraps and wear usually UK 8 in CJ and Alden Tassels. Now i have the option to buy the Santonis in 7,5 through a Internet Shop, but heard that they run pretty big. As they are in Sale I can not return them, so would like to ask if downsizing only a half size will be enough? Would appreciate any help. thank you
Well it is.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1dc9...eature=related Starts at 08:15 Thank you!
Hi, im searching two Movies starring cary grant, which appear in this tribute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPvmpS4HOpU First Movie: From 2:05 till 2:12 Second Movie From 2:12 till 2:15 Hope somebody can help out Thanks
is there a retailer for W + H in Europe? I dont think so.. I really like my RL Hoodie, looking for something similar or somethin that is at least available in europe.. suggestions?
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