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Hey, Im going to visit London in two weeks and the original Flagship Store doesnt have my favourite shoes in stock. So I would really appreciate If you could name some more retailers of Edward Green Shoes in London, who else does sell Edward Green in London?
Gentlemen, i would like to order EG Shoes, but Im not sure about the colour and the width. I tried the Oundle in the 888 Last in width F, which had a nice fit around the foot. Due to the fact that I have a high ball the strap didnt felt 100% comfortable, so my first question would be how much the difference between width E and F is, does that compensate half a size? So either sticking with the UK 8 F or going with UK 8 1/2 but E? Furthermore I'm interested in the...
thanks for helping I also think UK 7,5 will be fine, but heard a lot of people recommending to downsize a full size, can somebody confirm that?
Good Morning Gentleman, would like to order Santoni Goodyear Double Monkstraps and wear usually UK 8 in CJ and Alden Tassels. Now i have the option to buy the Santonis in 7,5 through a Internet Shop, but heard that they run pretty big. As they are in Sale I can not return them, so would like to ask if downsizing only a half size will be enough? Would appreciate any help. thank you
Well it is.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1dc9...eature=related Starts at 08:15 Thank you!
Hi, im searching two Movies starring cary grant, which appear in this tribute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPvmpS4HOpU First Movie: From 2:05 till 2:12 Second Movie From 2:12 till 2:15 Hope somebody can help out Thanks
is there a retailer for W + H in Europe? I dont think so.. I really like my RL Hoodie, looking for something similar or somethin that is at least available in europe.. suggestions?
I would like to buy some Hoodies for Fall.. I really like the hoodies of Rallph lauren or Superdry as they are slim fitted.. Are there any ohter brands that you could recommend of making nice hoodies? Thanks!!!
Looking for a Belstaff New Panther or Brad in Hazelnut/Burnt brown in L. Preferably brand new. Please PM me
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWraith Or this: Nice! There is a very fine Smoking Jacket at Corneliani this Fall, does somebody in this forum also has access to discount on that thnx
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