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Love them! As this season is coming to an end, does Carmina offer Sales at all? What Shoes are usually on Sale?
Carmina Double Monk INCA 7,5 fits well very tight as i like it, which size in Wholecut on the Rain last? The Rain Last is more slim, so would you suggest go up to 8 or stay with 7,5 as in the Incas?
I really like the Carmina Monks in the Inca Last but I'm not sure about my size. My feet are 26,5 cm long, but have wide feet and a high instep. I have some experiences with Edward Green, although it was really difficult to find some EGs that fit me well. I have a 8 E in the EG Farringdon. With the Slip Ons Belgravia apparently I have a 8F, the 7 1/2 F fit me in the width but was too short I think, as I dont know how much they would break in and strech a little bit. With...
too bad im only from monday to wednesday in London :/
Hello Gentlemen, where can I find Carmina Shoes in London? Especially Im interested in the Monks Inca Last. I can not order online, because I dont know my size. In Edward Green 888 I have UK 7 1/2 in the Oundle I have UK 8, what size would be equal for the Inca Last?
If you see the oundle anywhere else than Jermynstreet in London please let me know
thanks so far, has somebody else an idea?
Hey, Im going to visit London in two weeks and the original Flagship Store doesnt have my favourite shoes in stock. So I would really appreciate If you could name some more retailers of Edward Green Shoes in London, who else does sell Edward Green in London?
Gentlemen, i would like to order EG Shoes, but Im not sure about the colour and the width. I tried the Oundle in the 888 Last in width F, which had a nice fit around the foot. Due to the fact that I have a high ball the strap didnt felt 100% comfortable, so my first question would be how much the difference between width E and F is, does that compensate half a size? So either sticking with the UK 8 F or going with UK 8 1/2 but E? Furthermore I'm interested in the...
New Posts  All Forums: