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Its designed by Hedi Slimane thought the leather must be something special, so you think a TOJ will have the same quality?
I want to buy a great biker jacket, do you guys think the new Saint Laurent Leather Jackets are worth the 3000 Euro or 5000 Dollar? http://media.ysl.com/images/450x564/313504_Y5HAD_1000_A-ysl-saint-laurent-paris-men-motorcycle-jacket-in-black-leather-450x564.jpg
As 46 is too tight in the shoulders butfits perfectly at the body, do you think the horse leather will stretch? I often hear to buy leather jackets one size smaller as they break in?
Maybe you guys can help me, im thinking of buying this leather jacket but not sure about the size http://www.matchesfashion.com/product/128040 http://vendas.co.uk/image/cache/data/Moda/Homens/Casacos/Gucci%20Bomber%20Jacket%20With%20Detachable%20Shearling%20Collar-500x500.jpg Which fit do you like more? The first would be a 48 for me, but the second 46 if it fits at all. I have rather wide shoulders but small waist, so the 46 might be too tight at the shoulders. I am a...
Yes, but I read a Leather Jacket should be slim fitted or even to buy a size smaller as the leather may stretch
Hi, Does anybody own a gucci leather jacket and can help me out with the size? How much do these leather jackets break in? In size 48 the jacket is pretty tight in the shoulders, but looks better when opened. At the neck on the back the leather folds up because I have broad shoulders. Will the leather widen with time? With size 50 I have no Problems with the shoulders at all especially when closed, but looks more bulky as my waist is rather small... What size should i get?
Ok thank you, so a plonge leather jacket is definitely not calfskin but lambskin? Sorry for asking again, but I wanted to buy a leather jacket and in the shop on the tag of the jacket it was clearly wirtten "Calfskin leather Jacket" and in the online shop in the description of the exact same jacket its written "Plongeleather Jacket"?
who has detailed knowledge on this? All I can find in the internet that plonge leather indicates, that its exklusive lamb. Can Plonge leather also be calfskin or only lamb?
How is the XIM Last compared to the INCA? Im a 7,5 UK in the Inca, what would that be in the XIM Last?
How is the XIM Last compared to the INCA? Its not listed in this thread
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