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Any new codes for Europe?
Who has sizing experience with Balmain and BLK DNM? I am a 46 in Margiela 5 Zip, what do you think will my size for these two probably be? Im 6 ft, around 65-70 KG
Thank you for the input so far!! The prorsum stuff seems great: http://25.media.tumblr.com/ca07f7c664e22009a3dbfec6c2afe6df/tumblr_mjxa5zovZ31s190mzo1_500.jpg But unfortunately there isnt anything interesting this season. Does anyone have experience with making a custom leather jacket at aero leathers? Their jackets are from heavy horsehide or steerhide, it seems like they are more on the practical side for actual bikers with boxy chest area, do you think they are able to...
Im searching for a motorcycle Jacket, either very simple and clean or something special and individual like...
Hey guys, I want a cool leather jacket for max 2-3K €. Dont like anything distressed, rather something with smooth and clean leather and a slim fit. Was thinking about Margiela 5 Zip, but some of you stated that its not worth the money anymore, besides that, i dont like the dark zips from the last collections. RO is also nothin for me. What do you think of Balmain or any other designer? Are there any other jackets you would recommend? Preferably something from...
[[SPOILER]] I want to buy this jacket but not sure about the size. Would be nice if you can help out!
Has the Carmina Jodphur Boot on their EShop changed in colour? They have a different picture now, is this the same colour/Boot as some months ago? It says dark brown, always thought their Jodhpur would be more of a cognac tone
I have UK 7,5 in Carmina Inca Last and also 7,5 in EG 888. In Loafers and driving shoes im a 7 uk. what size should I get in the 198 Last uk 7 or 7,5? Left foot is 26,5 cm, right foot about 26,3 cm. What do you recommend?
The thing is i live in europe, so if i order TOJ, there will be + 20% Tax, further more i have only one chance to get the right fit as it will be too complicated to return or exchange the jacket. So in the end i maybe will pay double the price for SLP but can try all the sizes first and take a look at the actual jacket in the store before buying. Plus its Hedi, so i may give it a try.. Concerning A nice Biker Jacket, do you maybe know something similar or better in leather...
Its designed by Hedi Slimane thought the leather must be something special, so you think a TOJ will have the same quality?
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