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Carmina 7,5 UK in Rain and Inca last, what would be the equivalent size in meermin Hiro Last ?
Which Vass Last is closest to carmina Inca or Rain Last? I would like to buy a budapester, but Im not sure about the last. I have a high instep and rather wide feet, but like the shoes to look sleek just like the carminas. Which Vass last would you recommend?
Which Vass Lasts are closest to the Inca or rain Lasts from carmina?
How can I clear the promo box? Last week i entered a promo code, since then there is no promo code box at the checkout anymore. I tried to log out, but still no promo box. Whats the solution?
I recently also had very bad experience with yoox! I ordered two sweaters which were only different by colour. Although being the same size and the same sweater, they ran totally diffrent in sizes. One was clearly smaller than the other, which leads to the assumption, that they were seconds clearly. Also the shoes which I ordered in blue suede two times in the same size have been totally different in colour, despite one was dirty and the other was actually a wrong size!!!...
Doesnt work for me either
Any new codes for Europe?
Who has sizing experience with Balmain and BLK DNM? I am a 46 in Margiela 5 Zip, what do you think will my size for these two probably be? Im 6 ft, around 65-70 KG
Thank you for the input so far!! The prorsum stuff seems great: But unfortunately there isnt anything interesting this season. Does anyone have experience with making a custom leather jacket at aero leathers? Their jackets are from heavy horsehide or steerhide, it seems like they are more on the practical side for actual bikers with boxy chest area, do you think they are able to...
Im searching for a motorcycle Jacket, either very simple and clean or something special and individual like...
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