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Any working 20% code?
Any codes for europe
Would someone share his 30% with me?
How is the Balmain Sizing, is it TTS or do the biker leather jackets run small or big? 6 ft 70 KG, im usually S or 46 and rarely 48 in jackets
Some time ago, somebody wrote he got banned from yoox because of too many returns! Considering the fact that a lot of the items have flaws or are some B-Stock and not offering proper sizing information etc. Its is ridcolous and borders on scam imo
Same here, guess thats why its so cheap
Errthing available again for me in Europe maybe some marketing strategy
Same here
Srsly we had 15% for over a week, who needs 10% now
[[SPOILER]]Imeant to buy a double monk, how intense do they break in, would you recommend sizing down to uk7?
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