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I would like to make a present for a good friend. I want to buy a Black Label Anthony Suit for him. He loves Caruso and all his Caruso Suits are Size 46 with drop 8/9. I heard BL is made by Caruso, has anyone experience if the sizing is the same? What would be the equivalent size in the BL Anthony Suit, also 46 or 48 due to slimmer cut? Anyone experience?
Again big time fail with yoox! Two days after I ordered and before I received my order there was an additional discount, which I could have applied on my order. According to their policy I kindly ask if they can apply it: "Price Adjustment Policy We gladly match reduced prices within 3 days of your order's delivery date for the same item on yoox.com. Please Contact Us within this time and we will be happy to issue the refund." Over one week later when the promotion was...
I totally agree with you on your yoox opinion! But Farfetch is just the platform for boutiqes all over the world to sell their products online in case they dont have their own online shop. I shop online all day, spend thousands of dollars almost every month and im chasing the really good prices, but never bought anything from farfetch, simply because i never found farfetch to be competetive with others. i really wonder why exactly you mentioned farfetch, never ever saw...
Mostwanted15 valid until 2 Feb. in Germany, but only on some selected items I seriously Need a 20% Off Code :/
Any working 20% code?
Any codes for europe
Would someone share his 30% with me?
How is the Balmain Sizing, is it TTS or do the biker leather jackets run small or big? 6 ft 70 KG, im usually S or 46 and rarely 48 in jackets
Some time ago, somebody wrote he got banned from yoox because of too many returns! Considering the fact that a lot of the items have flaws or are some B-Stock and not offering proper sizing information etc. Its is ridcolous and borders on scam imo
Same here, guess thats why its so cheap
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