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If you click on the link in their signature, you get 20% off afaik.
I absolutely agree. So, I have one final question to the general public, is there anyone on this planet that has the same size in Detroit as they have in Uetam, Pina or Simpson? I think I had to size down for Rain when I tried it but I don't own a pair.
Is the matching belt included for Cordovan? Anyone with knowledge yet? That would tempted me to order my fifth pair this month.
Re: Order times My email confirmation says: The item, or some of the items that you purchased are in production. Your order will be send in the next 45 days.
Ordered 3 customised pairs as well as a regular RTW + Cordovan belt: TASSEL LOAFERS 80371 (080371-999-0000) Skin and color Suede && Polo Suede Skin and color Grain && Brown Karangrein lining Calf Leather && Red Last and sole Uetam && Rendenbach sole fabricacion Single Sole && Natural Edge Nominated & initials Your name on the lining TASSEL LOAFERS 80371 (080371-999-0000) Skin and color Cordovan && Burgundy Cordovan Skin and color Cordovan && Burgundy Cordovan lining Calf...
Now, I found it as well, looked in the wrong place.
The new customization feature is not yet available, is it?
Had the pleasure of meeting Ashish at the Zurich trunk show. He was very accommodating, patient and helpful. I brought my girlfriend and her grandma as well to get something commissioned, so I'm excited how Luxire will work out for women. Overall, it was a great experience and I hope he's coming back many times. I'm not the biggest writer, so I'll leave it at that. I can definitely recommend booking an appointment to get measured.
I got a question, I made an appointment now and pre ordered a jacket. It says I need to provide measurements for a trial jacket but is that necessary? Could I take measurements on the 22nd, come back the next month and discuss modifications? Also, it was mentioned before that you can then use the pattern and re-order based on the pattern. Is that still the case and thus there is not really merit in pre-ordering two jackets?
New Posts  All Forums: