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To be fair, none of the vendors need to offer what Luxire wants to have on their website. Luxire needs a heavily customized website.
The people who dont trust credit cards wouldnt order from a business in India in the first place (that's probably not 100% true, but close enough).I guess it would make things a bit easier wrt currency conversion fees and credit card fees on your side.One thing that's really going to make a difference from a customer's perspective is sales tax which would be mandatory and is 19% in Germany. That actually might be the biggest problem with the proposition of having an office...
Well by definition of the European Union Customs Union they are irrelevant for customs once they've passed customs in one of the EU countries.
That's great news! I hope you have done proper research on what caveats come with it. The EU is less business friendly than the US. I think an EU based office (no matter which country) can cater to all EU customers. Shipping will obviously be a bit more expensive for non-German customers, but it's going to be easier and cheaper to send stuff back and forth. With the SEPA, payments within the Eurozone are easier but I am not sure how relevant it is given that most people...
I received a personal reply to an email a month ago.
Do they ship to Europe? Couldn't find it on UD's website.
Buy a white shirt and be done with it. Return this one. Burgundy check is a casual shirt not something to wear with a tie to a wedding.
Might be Planet Hollywood, but I am not sure.
Yours fits quite well imo.
You are allowed to smoke inside the casinos (for the most part).
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