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Luxire would be able to replicate but you would need to get measurements done correctly.
Taxes are what they are. It's not like Luxire can go ahead and singlehandedly lower them. We will pay them one way or another. Canada's tarifs are ridiculous for clothing (and maybe everything), it's just something you have to deal with.
Thank you!
Quick question:A suit is two items, I assume?
It depends on how you go about it. You get the full 20% off, if you are getting them shipped, if you take them right there and get it stamped at the airport, you are only getting a 10% discount or something like this.
We would need more pictures, but compare the picture to this one:http://www.styleforum.net/t/67010/double-breasted-style/400_100#post_2850939The balance on the one posted is different, maybe it's just on the model, but the length strock me as odd.
Looks really short.
I thought it was a bathrobe, no way this is worn outside the house - maybe an exhibitionist would.
Which fabric is this? I was thinking of getting something similar done at one point.
I agree with the sentiment.This is incorrect though. This thread is basically the only place to get info on HY. If I was a pissed off customer, I wouldn't read a thread and look if someone had a weird work around. I would post my frustration and go from there.Also the sending back stuff does not always work.
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