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Ok, I will give it a try over the weekend and otherwise send you an email.
Looks really great.What did you not like about the fabric? I think it looks fantastic and I want one, but only as a morning robe to wear around the house.Which fabric is it?@luxire do you have some recommendations for fabrics that I could use for a morning robe?Items like this is the reason why Luxire is such a unique company.And I am still interested in more information on the knitwear.
Tried it again and didn't work.Also, is the 1 pair free for 10 socks discount only applicable for the first ten pairs?Given that shipping is free, couldn't I go ahead and split the orders?
Yeah I would be very interested in more knitwear pictures as well, the sweater looks really well made.
Using Chrome, I'll try again later but pretty annoying given the fact that it took me quite some time to put it all in the cart.
25 or maybe even more.
I tried to order (quite a number of) socks but I couldn't be redirected to PayPal. It's a pity!
Bumping in case anyone missed it and has a recommendation.
Anyone with a recommendation for a pinstripe fabric in navy?
Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy a cognac shell belt to match the Carmina cognac shell? Carmina doesn't offer and I only found Kreis online but they are charging quite a bit more. Any hints? Most places don't seem to offer cognac.
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