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Luxire, do you have any plans to bring the Bespoke service to Zurich? I would have a few non-Luxire customers (and one already customer) to get something commissioned. I'm myself holding back on ordering a suit and a SC due to fit and the complication associated with sending stuff to India, waiting for it to come back, etc. Unfortunately, Switzerland isn't Sweden so I wanted to ask if there are plans to go somewhere else besides the two Nordic metropolises.
Details on the belt? I couldn't find anything when googling Farnese.
I talked about the issue above. I wasn't able to order either. It's frustrating to say the least.
Sorry, I might have mistakenly done something that was unintended. They look beautiful but I have a lot of captoes, so I'm not in.
Reposting it here to hope someone will bite:
Anyone interested in doing a GMTO for those? [[SPOILER]] I would be interested in the same configuration and also in polo suede. Anyone interested in either or also both?
Ok, I will give it a try over the weekend and otherwise send you an email.
Looks really great.What did you not like about the fabric? I think it looks fantastic and I want one, but only as a morning robe to wear around the house.Which fabric is it?@luxire do you have some recommendations for fabrics that I could use for a morning robe?Items like this is the reason why Luxire is such a unique company.And I am still interested in more information on the knitwear.
Tried it again and didn't work.Also, is the 1 pair free for 10 socks discount only applicable for the first ten pairs?Given that shipping is free, couldn't I go ahead and split the orders?
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