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Is that the same fabric as back then? I got it as well and it's my favorite chino fabric.
Fit alone makes it difficult to claim IP imo. If you are copying w/e brand's RTW design which fits like a potato sack then the "copied" piece is already unique in its way.
What's the color stamp and how do I get it?Also, does this work for Merino as well?
Aladin shoes, best worn in white though and standing on a carpet.
Great stuff, I am in the no purchase club unfortunately, some very good deals. The bags are tempting.
Thanks for the write up Erik! Luxire could link to this post in their signature so no one questions their labour conditions. I am very impressed with Luxire, good job!
That's something different, have you tried to contact them? I mean they are active in here as well.I agree though they should have confirmation mails when they send out stuff.
Dude they don't send out shipping confirmations and it usually takes around 3 weeks for them to arrive. I have not had to deal with their customer service but from others ITT it seems good and responsive. Your $25 are not down the drain and you will most likely receive your socks and then you can make up your mind.
I quite like the knot tbh, seems effortless but classy (I probably mean another word here).
This has been going on for 1.5 years. People defended him in the beginning but they are less outspoken these days because it happened too often.I've ordered twice from HY and both have been fine (last order in August).It's still not cool if you never get a response and I guess for the most part people just want an answer why he hates the customers so much that he does not bother replying to people interested in his stuff.
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