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What fabric is this?
You can ask for both.
Just my 2 cents which are essentially completely useless:If you wanted to wear the shirt with a suit and tie the "original pale pink" is way better, if it's a casual shirt than I like the more saturated pink a lot more.
Please add user rating as a filter/sort as well, makes things easier for people who are new or want others to do the choice for them.
Absolutely fantastic
I am an 8.5UK in Uetam and an 8UK in Rain, should I go for 8UK or 8.5UK in Forest? What about Detroit?
I don't think so, I assume the prices to be excl. VAT if you are visiting from a non-EU country.
NOBD 1 and 2 are known entities at Luxire, no need to quote an order number.
Ok, I prefer the one on the left and want to clarify if that's Alden or Carmina. The color on the right looks a lot lighter and the Carmina one in the pictures above is cognac.
Is the left one the Alden and the right one the Carmina? I assume so from the colors.
New Posts  All Forums: