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I don't think anyone ever implied that people who buy Luxire for their sub-$100 shirts should go elsewhere. I think quite the opposite was suggested. People who are looking for mega deals should look elsewhere and everyone shopping at Luxire should know that the quality is high, the price is low throughout the year and not running constant sales will actually ensure that this is the case in the future. Big Bird is obviously right and I assume that they have done exactly...
Just to clear it up, the pediwear shoe is regular price. The Carmina price is for a finished MTO model, when a model is no longer available as a GMTO, those models are still on the website but only offered as a MTO which comes with a 50% (I think) surcharge.
I prefer the no sales approach as well. If it helps to keep the prices low in general, I think everyone profits. The 10% off on orders above $x should be permanent or not exist as well. Maybe as something you do when you have a small order book but I'd be annoyed if the 10% off sale happens one month after I order.
I think the implementation of the $1.5k minimum is fair. You don't have to do the bespoke thing and if the demand is not there then maybe they will stop doing it. But there needs to be a separation between their current online business and someone flying in from India to start a bespoke process. There will be subsequent fittings (free of charge) so it's different than ordering something online. As I understood, the $1500 garments can be used for future orders at a cheaper...
I won't be doing it on my own but I take it, you say it's an easy task.Here are the pictures of the tassels:I am personally a bit more skeptical that it's super easy. After looking at the pictures, what's your take? What you expected?
Had my order of 3 custom MTO come in. 3 braided tassel loafers, two with contrasting colors for the string (and my intention was the tassels as well). That didn't work out. Also had the soles on my other pair without an ordered Rendenbach sole. Wrote to Carmina last night and they came back to me this morning and offered to either replace the sole now if I want to send them in or at a future date. Also offered to send me replacement tassels and bring it to the cobblers and...
As far as I know, the $25 flat fee was a subsidy by Luxire (they paid the VAT themselves) and simply not fair to most of the other customers that didn't receive the offer of $25 flat fee. $10 shipping from India to Europe seems ultra competitive to me. The VAT is part of the game, it's not Luxire who rakes in the VAT but the respective government of the country you import into.
If you click on the link in their signature, you get 20% off afaik.
I absolutely agree. So, I have one final question to the general public, is there anyone on this planet that has the same size in Detroit as they have in Uetam, Pina or Simpson? I think I had to size down for Rain when I tried it but I don't own a pair.
Is the matching belt included for Cordovan? Anyone with knowledge yet? That would tempted me to order my fifth pair this month.
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