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I have no chance of coming to HK anytime soon, unfortunately. I will check them out along side others. Do they do visits to Europe? And you would rate them higher than Chan? Isn't Chan roughly 3x the price?
How much is a blazer, 2 piece and 3 piece at Dream Bespoke?
This looks fantastic.Any details on the fabric?
Ok, definitely a mix up, although I've heard that Bonafe is flexible on details.Nevertheless, I am still interested even if we end up with a 3 eyelet one.
Honestly, I would do just that and I just had a look through your website, maybe I missed it, but I couldnt find the statement you made in this thread a couple of times.I think it would help tremendously and whenever someone asks, just refer him to the link.
I am interested as well.- Color #4 or #5- would prefer 5 eyelet, but could be convinced of a 3 eyelet- Sole I am indifferentWould you mind posting a picture?
The monkey comment was a joke, come on.The rest of the questions I find a bit too much as well - some have been answered, some are just too intruding.I very much agree with this.
I've never decided which fusing I wanted with my shirts. Either had Luxire decide or I replicated a collar. I came to the conclusion that I should try fully fused. I dislike the feel of unfused and soft interlining, it's fine for BD collars but for everything else I rather have a stiffer collar. It changes if I am wearing a tie but I never do.
I got all three of them and want KW to add more colors. But I have the same thing happening. But I got another cashmere sweater from Howard Yount and more or less the same thing happens there.I have no problem with it though. And I dont find it that extreme.
To be fair, none of the vendors need to offer what Luxire wants to have on their website. Luxire needs a heavily customized website.
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