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We would need more pictures, but compare the picture to this one:http://www.styleforum.net/t/67010/double-breasted-style/400_100#post_2850939The balance on the one posted is different, maybe it's just on the model, but the length strock me as odd.
Looks really short.
I thought it was a bathrobe, no way this is worn outside the house - maybe an exhibitionist would.
Which fabric is this? I was thinking of getting something similar done at one point.
I agree with the sentiment.This is incorrect though. This thread is basically the only place to get info on HY. If I was a pissed off customer, I wouldn't read a thread and look if someone had a weird work around. I would post my frustration and go from there.Also the sending back stuff does not always work.
What's the going rate for Luxire jackets? Looking to get a SC made. Fabric of choice, if they can source it (pants in the same fabric just in grey run at $180): http://dugdalebros.com/online-shop/bunch-134-english-and-town-classics/9428/
I would have both sent an actual letter by now and threated legal steps by now. It's unacceptable behavior and I think illegal.
What I always wonder, is Jamison aware of the fact that people ITT are complaining repeatedly? If he is it's a slap in the fact for every customer and also for the people defending him ITT.
Would get them tapered, not that much, but still a bit.And also, my tailor would be able to get it done by the end of the week, maybe ask him for a one time favor and if necessary pay a premium.
Is anyone else getting problems with Chrome after opening Styleforum? Whenever I open the forums with Chrome, the browser loses its internet connection. Everything else, including other browsers, still work fine. It's only happening with Styleforum and it's a bit weird. Am I alone on that one?
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