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Details on the belt? I couldn't find anything when googling Farnese.
I talked about the issue above. I wasn't able to order either. It's frustrating to say the least.
Sorry, I might have mistakenly done something that was unintended. They look beautiful but I have a lot of captoes, so I'm not in.
Reposting it here to hope someone will bite:
Anyone interested in doing a GMTO for those? [[SPOILER]] I would be interested in the same configuration and also in polo suede. Anyone interested in either or also both?
Ok, I will give it a try over the weekend and otherwise send you an email.
Looks really great.What did you not like about the fabric? I think it looks fantastic and I want one, but only as a morning robe to wear around the house.Which fabric is it?@luxire do you have some recommendations for fabrics that I could use for a morning robe?Items like this is the reason why Luxire is such a unique company.And I am still interested in more information on the knitwear.
Tried it again and didn't work.Also, is the 1 pair free for 10 socks discount only applicable for the first ten pairs?Given that shipping is free, couldn't I go ahead and split the orders?
Yeah I would be very interested in more knitwear pictures as well, the sweater looks really well made.
Using Chrome, I'll try again later but pretty annoying given the fact that it took me quite some time to put it all in the cart.
New Posts  All Forums: