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I am an 8.5UK in Uetam and an 8UK in Rain, should I go for 8UK or 8.5UK in Forest? What about Detroit?
I don't think so, I assume the prices to be excl. VAT if you are visiting from a non-EU country.
NOBD 1 and 2 are known entities at Luxire, no need to quote an order number.
Ok, I prefer the one on the left and want to clarify if that's Alden or Carmina. The color on the right looks a lot lighter and the Carmina one in the pictures above is cognac.
Is the left one the Alden and the right one the Carmina? I assume so from the colors.
Which parts are hand finished with your "regular" pants?I am curious because I personally don't care about handwork that much, especially for jeans or chinos. If there are ways for me to save money for details I don't really care about, I would be interested in hearing about them.
No, those are perfectly fine for casual button down shirts, got plenty of striped shirts in all stripe widths as button downs. Plenty of people wear BD shirts with ties as well. You are absolutely fine mate.
I've been to the showroom but I was specifically looking to get measured for a SC.He has some accessories there but by far not all of them - at least when I went.It's probably best to contact Kent directly and ask him.If you want to get measured, it's absolutely perfect since he has all the fabric swatches there and you can try on everything.
Thought the same thing, jesus.Chapeau Mr Panther.
I love those!
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