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No, those are perfectly fine for casual button down shirts, got plenty of striped shirts in all stripe widths as button downs. Plenty of people wear BD shirts with ties as well. You are absolutely fine mate.
I've been to the showroom but I was specifically looking to get measured for a SC.He has some accessories there but by far not all of them - at least when I went.It's probably best to contact Kent directly and ask him.If you want to get measured, it's absolutely perfect since he has all the fabric swatches there and you can try on everything.
Thought the same thing, jesus.Chapeau Mr Panther.
I love those!
Interested in pricing for that one as well.
Love the SC fabric! Do you happen to know the mill and reference?
It really shrinks at 30 degree? Well, will try that and see how it goes.
I got a question regarding washing denim: I've got my Luxire pair of denim roughly 12 months ago, haven't washed them yet and want to do it now. They don't really fit due to me adjusting measurements to account for shrinkage (as advised by Luxire). I am most concerned with them getting enough shrinkage so they start to fit. If the color fades, I am not too concerned. Do I just put them in the washing machine 40° for a full cycle? Then dryer for which period of...
Would this be optional? Not that I really change that much after ordering but I am not that time sensitive where a day or two would make all the difference in the world.
Yeah, I've ordered some pocket squares in the last couple of months, but always decided against this one, not sure why. I need to get one.
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