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This looks ridiculous and you must be trollin'.
http://www.kentwang.com/about/suits One fittting
I read 035623 as well.
Why haven't you called the shipping company? They probably know more about it than Jamison.
Luxire has been talking a lot about "The New Nice", I assume they clear a lot of their sub $100 offerings and start stocking more of the more expensive fabrics (like G&R, etc.).
I hope they can source moer than what they have listed. Their prices are phenomenal.
@emptym there were rumors ITT that his cashmere sweaters are made by Lyle & Scott and William Lockie. Which makes sense given HY's prices (for reference). Not sure about his Lambswool stuff, but you seem to be right, the names of the colors are often times identical and that's especially true for the weird ones like Jupiter, etc.
Click on the link in KemalOnyurt's signature and you are automatically extended the 20% off code.
Ordered in August 2014 and worked just fine, no problems.The problem is more on communication and returns (allowed only for US customers anyways).
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