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Newly acquired NC x Brady handy fishing bag from Rakuten. The condition of the bag is too good to be true for that price
Yeah, considering that most of my boots are engineers or work boots, this pair just gave me the fine balance between dress and causal. Add to the fact that I have been searching for a pair in sz 6.5 for some time now, this pair comes at the right time.As this is my first pair of Shell boots/footwear, maybe someone here can advise me on what to do before I start wearing it? Should I apply any cream etc?Thanks in advance!
My first pair of #8 Shell boots and also my most expensive pair of boots so far. Alden #8 Shell Cordovan Wingtip boots with commando soles
I actually have the penn shirt in XS and yeah, it is looser to be worn more as a jacket. The XS fits more like a S if that helps.
FLATHEAD 6002W TYPE 3 DENIM JACKET SZ 38 14.5oz Unsanforized classic 1950's denim jacket using their now famous 3XXX denim - $220 excludes 4% paypal fees SHIPPING - Please pm me with your location and I will check on the shipping cost to your country. Riveted Cuffs. Flat Head Buttons. Made in Japan *CONDITION 9/10. ONE INITIAL SOAK, NO WASH SHOULDERS -18.5 PIT TO PIT - 19.5 SLEEVES LENGTH - 24.5 LENGTH - 25
Just received the army buckle pants in 30 as well without any notification from the Cabourn website.. Pants are really "interesting" with the front straps which are used to fasten the pants. Thinking of getting the denim notch jacket but can't really make up my mind.
Bump it up !
@fin666 Yours looks awesome too and I would put Danite soles on mine if I gonna send it for resole in the future.
I am located in Singapore as find finn has already pointed out and the boots were posted out on 13th by Viberg. I was expecting it to reach me only next week but it arrived today.
Horsehide Service boots from the first round. The box The tag Unlaced Laced Top View The soles
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