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These retail from for 480. They have never been worn.
Anyone know? The image is what I'm referring to. I've never seen the print on the edge like this.
I bought a pair of Gucci sunglass off of Ebay. I've bought sunglasses off of Ebay numerous times. Anyway, I decided to buy after researching the seller etc etc. I got the glasses today and I'm 99% percent sure they are good. This is even after going and comparing directly to a pair in Saks. The only difference is that the model number is located closer to the edge of the classes instead of being more along the "arms" or whatever they are called. I'm guess this could be...
Price lowered to 60.00
This watch had an original tag of 2700.00. I only paid half of that a couple years ago. The watch is in excellent condition. It comes with everything from the original sale.
Price lowered to 90.00
The waste is 33 and they were hemmed down to a 30 length.
I bought this shirt a couple of years ago and never wore it. It is very hard to capture the quality of the shirt and the way it looks with pictures. It is 100% of the finest cotton that I have felt. The size is list as 43/17 but it fits verrry slim for that size. For comparison, my normal dress shirt are 33-34/17. The shirt was originally 600.00
Yeah I always got confused with that. I labelled loafers as the casual shoe..... but anyway, I can take some current pictures soon as I get back from work. They only different will be the bottom of the shoe has contacted the cement so it isn't a perfect bottom anymore.
These shoes were worn 1 time in Miami. They are still in excellent condition. The pictures does the color no justice at all. Very beautiful shoes. They are 11.5 in Gucci. I have other Gucci loafers that are 11 so these appear to go slightly bigger. In American shoe sizes I am an 11.5 or sometimes 12 if they run small. PM with any questions. The shoes are in Orlando, FL. I have the box, dust bags, and Gucci shoe horn that came with them. Of course the bottom of the shoe...
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