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Just wanted to say I love your Schneider picks Greg!
And any girl whom a person deems unattractive in a paper bag could not be made attractive through dress. Fashion cannot change the soul of a person; it can be beautiful, even moving, but it will always be an appendage.
Anyone reading this who has not seen The is the me.
Yeah, I've always thought that it might be, paradoxically, easier to dress in colder climates for this reason. Unfortunately, in CA shirts almost have to be a main part of your wardrobe...and you can't deny they do look really good when they fit right. I think it would be really cool if SW&D designers did MTM for shirts.
it seems like a lot of people (including me) feel schneider shirt sleeves are often too long
count yourself lucky you're not my size.....i'm in the bay area...and am quite good at picking locks
if i was a captured need to break kneecaps...just get my schneider in the dryer and make me watch
+1@einstine give us fit pics
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