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Quote: Originally Posted by eviltwin I live in Argentina, actually. Thanks for the replies. I think I need off-the-rack because I'm only going for three days. IMHO there is not much merit in buying OTR suits in Japan if you don't live here. Either it will be above your budget or crap quality. Anyway, Perfect Suit Factory should be in your price range but I can't say much about quality.
My vote goes for the 16L-4mm one. Next in line would be the 18L.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum If it uses fusing, then it's not "fully canvassed". The word 'canvassed' implies it being pad-stitched, not fused. If part of it is fused, then it's only half-canvassed at best. Here is a relevant quote from Angie: Quote: Originally Posted by Angie @ Indochino Yes, our suits are fully canvased. Our suits are not 100% sewn and do have some fusing. Our canvasing is fused to our...
Quote: Originally Posted by david123 Yes, I did end up reporting back to them. I hadn't seen your post a couple posts up, but I more or less did what you suggested. I passed along a few of people's examples, as well as a link to this thread, but focused on explaining the general consensus that we'd like something a tad bigger in a diameter (17L or 18L), of the current thickness, and whiter/nicer/brighter/more lustrous rather than saying we were really...
Any progress?
Quote: Originally Posted by michael_legeek ... it means this is a core-spun yarn, consisting of a strong poly core with wool sheathing. This would, for example, allow them to use a less-strong grade of wool... So you're saying that not only the fabric contains polyester, the wool is lower quality than usual, too? Well at least this makes it easier to decide for those who were hesitating...
To Emma: How about actually asking SXY to fix the website? I think this would resolve most of the complaints. I reported the issue with the website to you in August, but nothing seems to be improving.
Quote: Originally Posted by linsook Full canvassing that extends into the lapel, like it should, is what I would really like to see in Indochino suits but not a deal breaker for me. AFAIK the lapel is canvassed. Quote from here: "Suits have been upgraded and now feature canvas also throughout the lapels, as well as an option for more natural shoulders."
Quote: Originally Posted by raphael__n The new collection is out. I just went to check my account for remake progress and found a Mad Men style of advertising on the front page. There are three new suits and six shirts. No outerwear so far. It seems important given the weather is changing. About the new 'collection'... Why they keep pushing those 3 piece suits is beyond me. At least they should make the vest optional. And the...
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