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Quote: Originally Posted by nbmplano MT taking a while for anyone else? They have had a shirt that I sent in for measurements for an entire month now (from the time I got a conformation email that they have received it) and they still haven't shipped my new shirt. Is this a normal timeline? I thought I was reading about people having shirts turned in a matter of days or maybe a week? Still excited about the shirt though (if I ever receive...
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier Wasted effort Inferior construction Inferior fabrics Mediocre finished product Wasted time without a properly fitting suit Annoyance Wasted time waiting for them to fix Time spent where that money isn't earning interest, etc. How much is an hour of your life worth? What is wrong with the construction compared to a suit in the same (or slightly higher) price range? And how exactly is the...
It seems that not many people here know MOP button suppliers (which is not really surprising ), so we might just as well create a poll about the thickness/other properties, and simply report the results to MT and trust that they'll find an appropriate supplier? What do you guys think?
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier I am going to be "that guy" for a moment. TaT used to get lots of flack for improper fits - but Indochino seems to be far worse than any TaT I've seen. So after seeing these poorly fitting suits and reading these stories I am compelled to ask - why do people keep ordering from them? Cheaper than most local MTM places Dirt cheap with the better coupon codes Fully canvased construction Fit is hopefully...
Quote: Originally Posted by winston For those of you staunchly opposed to the keeping of gloves in the breast pocket. That must be the lowest armhole I have ever seen!
I have super thick MOP buttons on most of my Borrelli shirts, and I love them. They look fabulous, and I'd think that they are more robust against dry cleaners. The buttonholes can be made larger to accomodate the thicker buttons. I don't think that's a problem. Therefore, I vote for super thick buttons, but if I'm alone with this, then of course any high quality, white MOP button (not thinner than the current 'thick' version) will do. Any suggestions for suppliers?
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH That would be a great avatar. I think that will be my signature move from now on. If I spot a SF member IRL, I will just do that instead of an introduction. On the other hand, I had never though I'd make it to the A&S Expats thread. Unfortunately, this is probably as close as I'll ever get to A&S.
Great news! One more candidate: http://www.handicraft-vn.com/shop/re...html?cPath=193
You might wanna consider adjusting the pants measurements next time. Either that or remove the banana from your pocket.
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