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Quote: Originally Posted by Verrihappy I just ordered 20 collar stays (in 5 styles) from them. The $2.99 price is for one collar stay, the minimum order is 10 pieces, so you can actually try out 5 styles max. I am told my order is being worked on now, and they do reply to enquiries, and promptly. So does the homepage work for you?? http://www.handicraft-vn.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn anyone take advantage of this? I ordered one set on Oct 23. On Nov 10, I was told that "I will finish it on this month and ship them after that 2 days." Since then the website went down, and I get no reply to my e-mail. No collar stays either. metkirk> Since you claim to know the owner personally, I'm wondering if you know anything about the status of his business...
Does anyone else think that the tolerances of MT are unacceptable? Quote: Our tolerance of production (cutting commitment) is based on international standards. Chest/Waist/Hip\t(+/-) 2cm Shirt Length\t (+/-) 2cm Sleeve length (+/-) 1cm Shoulder\t (+/-) 1cm Cuff/Collar\t (+/-) 1cm Armhole\t (+/-) 2cm I have now about a dozen MT shirts, but I'm thinking about stopping using them because of the huge tolerances. It just makes me angry every...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum It's been a long time since anyone seriously though that making their entire website in Flash was a good idea... +1
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL seriously? first time I heard that. I think you can find all of this in the Indochino folder. There should be a paper with the return instructions, which IIRC mentions this, along with something like "place everything back carefully into the original Indochino packaging"... So the garbage bag probably won't do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL wow, 90$ is a lot! from where did you send it, europe? I didn't need a remake so far (I would have needed one with the blueprint, but they ran out of fabric before I could ask for the remake), but I would send it the cheapest way possible. As long as you have a confirmation that the item has been sent, you are out of danger - then the risk passes on to Indochino and the post provider you used. I sent it from...
Quote: Originally Posted by raphael__n MrInvariant, depending on your location, shipping back shouldn`t be too expensive. Well in my case it costed $90, and yes, I went with the cheapest alternative that offered tracking number. Since I didn't want to burn any more money, I requested a full refund instead of a remake. (And I'm still waiting on my refund...)
I have to say that I have come to the conclusion that Indochino is just not worth the trouble. They have this 'perfect fit guarantee', which looks good on paper, but in reality it costs you serious $$$ to ship back the failed attempts to them, and the whole remake process is a crapshoot. The biggest issue here I think is that they make the suits in China, but you have to return the suit to Canada. In other words, those who remake the suit never get to see the previous...
There are quite a few recommendations... It will be interesting to hear the OP's opinion after his trip!
Quote: Originally Posted by countcount I picked up several suits when I was getting started for about $100/each. No offence, but those probably fall into the "crap quality" category... Probably not worth the trouble.
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