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You cannot specify the armhole measurement for TailorStore. You can for ModernTailor, but they can't follow it accurately. Any other recommendations?
Quote: Originally Posted by raybert +1 to Mid Calf. Be sure to give the OTC length a try. You will never look back...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum The image on the web-site shows pad-stitching in the lapels, which is a bit misleading if they aren't actually constructed this way. Yes, it is misleading.
Quote: Originally Posted by TorontoEX I am really surprised to see that the workmanship is not bad for the price. There's definitely some obvious handwork and its canvassed and not glued together like other ready made suits in this price range. Where did you find obvious handwork? And BTW their jackets are fused (glued together).
Quote: Originally Posted by Wayward I don't know if that's entirely accurate, and I think someone had posted their correspondence with Indochino on this. Basically, a false boutonniere would be "normal" while a functional boutonniere would be a keyhole, as it is done by machine in the same manner as jacket button holes. Therefore, don't hold your breath, and better confirm with them first. +1
Free Shipping does not seem to work for me. Is the offer valid for US orders only? If so, it would be nice to state it in the FAQ or somewhere...
Quote: Originally Posted by Verrihappy Yes, I can access the site. No problem at all. Thanks. Actually it does not work for me with Chrome, Safari, FireFox, or telnet for that matter, but if I use one of those online 'proxy' websites, then it loads fine. I guess they screwed up the configuration based on the country or something. I hope my collar stays show up eventually.
Quote: Originally Posted by Verrihappy I just ordered 20 collar stays (in 5 styles) from them. The $2.99 price is for one collar stay, the minimum order is 10 pieces, so you can actually try out 5 styles max. I am told my order is being worked on now, and they do reply to enquiries, and promptly. So does the homepage work for you??
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn anyone take advantage of this? I ordered one set on Oct 23. On Nov 10, I was told that "I will finish it on this month and ship them after that 2 days." Since then the website went down, and I get no reply to my e-mail. No collar stays either. metkirk> Since you claim to know the owner personally, I'm wondering if you know anything about the status of his business...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum It's been a long time since anyone seriously though that making their entire website in Flash was a good idea... +1
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