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I have a suit made up in that exact cloth. It's not too bad but I can't really recommend it because it wrinkles quite easily and stays wrinkled.
It's funny how Isetan keeps ordering new custom lasts, yet the last time I walked in 2 out of 3 salesmen in the shoe section apparently never heard of Vass... And they had only 5-6 pairs and at a 2x markup. Anyway those K lasts do look stunning... will have to get a pair or two...
+1Considering your budget, I would try Peter Lee at Lee Baron and ask for a half-canvassed suit.(Ah, and stay away from the "Nice tailor suit for you sir? Copy watch?" type of tourist traps. They might be within your budget but I can guarantee you won't be happy with the end results.)
If you are talking about, they are based in HK and the experience is very much the same as with ModernTailor.
I suggest that you file a PayPal dispute while you can, otherwise you might never see your collar stays or your money.
I still haven't received my collar stays, but at least PayPal gave my money back. Worst experience ever.
Here you go. I'm looking to give Nialma a try next. They are more expensive than MT, but hopefully higher quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by smitty Wrong. You can. No.
Quote: Originally Posted by kincrat There we go! I took some new pictures with the flash on and I cut open the vents. By the way my collar might look funky because I picked the slim lapel jacket, I am not sure if that makes a difference with the photo but neither the less, let me know what you think! You will need a remake. IMHO the most striking issue with the fit is the jacket collar: it should sit on the shirt collar, but currently it...
kincrat> There is something funky going on with the jacket collar. I suggest that you readjust and retake the pictures. Also don't button the bottom button. Cut the vents open. Most of the pics are very dark on my display, so it might be a good idea to use flash. Approveusername> Yes, I believe the "contrasting color felt" refers to the felt in the jacket collar. Normally it is not visible when the collar is not turned up.
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