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Allright, which one is it? acecow kept all the squares to himself or everyone is just too lazy to post photos?
I sent you a PM ten days ago. Could you please check?
oh hai guys Thanks to the maker and acecow What's great: very nice hand painting great colors Room for improvement (IMHO): silk is too thin rolled edge is too thin and loose, mostly got flattened out by post edge stitching pitch is too low (too few stitches per inch)
How many orders are needed for the price to drop?
I'll take 5. How does one "cover the PayPal fees?" I see no such option in the PayPal "Send Money" screen... (Sorry, I'm a PP noob...)
These are very nice. Is shipping included in the price? Is there any discount for purchasing multiple items?
Hi, I'll take #7. Thanks!
I have a suit made up in that exact cloth. It's not too bad but I can't really recommend it because it wrinkles quite easily and stays wrinkled.
It's funny how Isetan keeps ordering new custom lasts, yet the last time I walked in 2 out of 3 salesmen in the shoe section apparently never heard of Vass... And they had only 5-6 pairs and at a 2x markup. Anyway those K lasts do look stunning... will have to get a pair or two...
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