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Now I see why wasn't invited...
You need this. Edit: corrected link!
In case you want one for each day of the week: 1 2 3 4 5
FWIW I own Vass and have inspected these in person.I'm no expert and I'm just sharing my honest opinion.
I have seen these shoes in person. Let me just say that if you expect anywhere near Vass quality, you will be disappointed.My opinion is that the finishing and in some cases the leather quality on the Meermins is comparable to Loake 1880's, at best.
Yes I have and they bend like just like glass does.(hint: they don't bend)
My experience is that MOP stays have more cons than pros. They look amazing (when they are not in your collar, that is...), but they are not practical. Many people mention the stiffness as a merit, but I think it's actually a drawback as the collar stays are clearly visible (i.e. bulge) instead of blending in. My opinion is that anyone who says otherwise is just trying to justify the purchase of MOP stays because they are "cool." I have yet to try metal collar stays but...
Zee's can do ladies shoes. An example:
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