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If a suit, then I'd go for a Tom Ford-esque, massive peak lapel, roped shoulder, SB jacket. Where did you get the fabric from?
It sounds like you had a great time there! By the way, did you check out the shoe store "Buday" right next to Vass? If yes, I would be interested in hearing your opinion.Don't take it personally. IMHO they behave the same way with everyone, not just tourists. It's just that the locals don't notice this anymore, while tourists do.
If they are willing to do that, then yes.Let us know how it goes.
You will probably still have to pay customs if they ship it to you.
In the Tokyo shop.
Yes, both.
To be fair, the photos were taken under very poor lighting and the uppers were pretty scuffed up.It's not as bad IRL as it seems from the photo.Thank you fritzl. Will try to persuade the GF to take it back to the store.
Here is how my GF's Linea Maestros look like after one week: Yes, she is rough on 'em, but even that can't explain the split in the sole... Question for the experts: what is the cause of the split, and will it get worse? Edit: sorry for the crappy pics but I couldn't be bothered to take nicer pics of that!
If they file for VAT refund and pocket the VAT... that is likely not allowed. On the other hand if they simply don't file for VAT refund and pay the VAT, I don't think they are breaking any rules. Either way it would be reason enough not to buy from them (at least for me). You can try the Armoury since they also carry Fox umbrellas.
So Spoo... how many did you get?
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