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What do you guys think about the tweed suit? I don't know what to think... Seems like unconventional use of tweed, but interesting at the same time. I have the Essential Charcoal suit from Indochino. After purchasing it, having it altered, and wearing it for some time, I realized that the style is too slim for my taste (especially the arms & legs). I noticed that the more recent suits appear to be a more normal (as opposed to slim) cut, but I'm wondering whether I...
I'm a beginner so take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but I'd say that the HB jacket is slightly too large for you (extra fabric at chest, etc.). It's difficult to judge the length from the pictures but going by the 'end of thumb' rule, the length of the MJ seems just about right. I personally like if the jacket just covers my butt or just a tad longer, and use this criteria rather than the 'end of thumb rule.' The notch on MJ lapel is quite a bit lower than on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by viator Has anyone tried P174 or P175? These are 2-ply 100s fabrics that are on sale this week. I would also be interested in this. FYI these are the two white fabrics on sale right now. Does anyone know what the difference is between those two fabrics?
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