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You might wanna consider adjusting the pants measurements next time. Either that or remove the banana from your pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by crafty35a Could you expand on this? I'm not familiar with this alteration or what it will accomplish. It also sounds like an expensive fix. Well, I'm no expert, but it seems that the angle of the sleeves does not match the natural angle of your arms, therefore there is diagonal rippling in the upper arms/near the sleeve heads. This can be seen especially in photos #3 and #6. You'll notice that if you move your arms...
It seems that the sleeves need to be rotated slightly backward.
Quote: Originally Posted by crafty35a My only complaint, quality wise, is the buttons used on the suit. They are plain plastic buttons that look horribly cheap, and some of them came with large scratches/scuff marks (which are very visible white marks on the black plastic). I think the buttons are made of horn, but I do agree that the quality is very poor.
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL Thanks for elaborating, it looks machine sewn to me, so probably it would not be that easy to replace it after all! I don't really know, but it looks a bit as if they had cut it afterwards (some rough edges on the stitching) It's without doubt machine sewn, but this is quite acceptable.
^LorenzL I think the suit looks very good on you, but the keyhole shaped lapel buttonhole ruins it for me (and the gold thread makes it worse). I don't understand why they use keyhole shaped lapel buttonhole, when their website always shows straight ones.
Recently BD shirts, contrast collars, and colorful buttonholes/threads are very popular in Japan. So this might be the reason for your sighting. IMHO the BD shirts are perfectly fine, but most guys cannot pull off the contrast collar look, and they just look awful. The colorful buttonholes only drag your attention to how ugly the buttonholes/cheap plastic buttons are (in most cases).
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster +1 it's not the drycleaner's job to remove them and put them back in for you. So every time you remove your collar stays, attach a tag to know which shirt they came from, and reinsert them after the dry cleaning?
Quote: Originally Posted by david123 It sounds like there are at least 5 of us now... +1 Give us a higher quality (whiter, etc.) thick MOP button option MT.
Thank you all for the input so far! Actually, my tailor contacted me today, and wrote that he would like to make the chest and waist smaller if I have no oppositions after test driving the suit for a few days. He supposedly left the chest area a little roomier because I complained about tightness in the chest of my Indochino suit (which is really on the tight side). He also wrote that he reconsidered the shoulders, and would like to try some careful...
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