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Price drop to $420.
Up for sale, Tom Ford black calf loafers. Got them on a Japanese auction site but there was a misunderstanding about the size so they are too large for me. Condition: like new (probably it was a display item, some minor scuffs, see photos) Size: 10 (UK) Price: $279 Accessories: Shoes and box only. No shoe trees. Location: Austin, TX Payment: PayPal Shipping: by the carrier of your choice, you pay the shipping charges. Local pickup can be arranged. Returns: accepted only...
I'm looking for Loro Piana "The Wave" cloth for a summer navy blazer. Shipping to Japan. Please PM me if you have for sale or can source! Thank you!
It is if you know how to hand-roll the edges!
You should probably post this in the Tailors' thread. It seems to me that you have a round back and forward shoulders. The jacket was not cut for that. That is (partly) why the sleeves are unclean and you have the folds in the chest. Sleeves are on the short side, but probably still passable. Jacket is too short. Do not take in the waist it will only make it worse. My $0.02
How is the armhole height on these things? Is the armhole lower than average, average, or higher than average?
Thanks, but maybe next time as I don't live in Tokyo... Have fun!
Unfortunately I couldn't make it (got snowed under with work).
So where exactly are we supposed to meet and how are we going to recognize each other? (Other than from the iGent uniform... )
PM sent.
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