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Wear another merino turtleneck underneath said turtleneck. Or have your neck removed. Can't be helped if your turtleneck is scratchy. You'll have to wear something non-scratchy underneath it or flip your current one and buy something else with finer fibres and hope those aren't scratchy.
Well Red Balloon is really good for regional Australia getaways or sky diving stuff then? I'm willing to off load my gift card for $350 which is 30% off if anyone's interested helps me pay off my HECS debt in the coming tax season.
#1 reason why I cannot concentrate at Hot/Bikram Yoga classes. Sweaty, half naked, flexible, slim and very attractive young women in sexually applicable poses makes it really hard... and make things difficult.
Ay caramba!
I don't know how much I can eat. I already have a $500 Crown gift card which I am planning to use at Rosetta and Rockpool.Most of the restaurants in Red Balloon for Melbourne/Victoria are cheese and wine centric both of which I don't consume for health reasons.Anyone know what this restaurant might be?https://www.redballoon.com.au/product/gourmet-gifts/romantic-dining/fine-dining-degustation-for-2Had the whole shbang meal with a dear friend at Estelle Bistro and it was...
Guy's completely off topic anyone interested in a $500 Red Balloon voucher? Another 5 months to expiry. Sky diving ain't my thing. Looking to off load it.
Doesn't mean he cannot shop online in Spore!
Pics or it didnt happen,
Thanks for reminding me that I still have to try http://www.saintcrispin.com.au/.Hope they serve veal there.
Heavily investing in crispy pork belly would be my plan.Perhaps we can trade clothes. I am in the process of downsizing: trying to get under 70Kg for now.
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