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Now that you mention it, perhaps not a bad idea carrying those super light weight foldable nylon luggages that are advertised as waterproof and rip proof. There has got to be a few out there that do not offend anyone's sartorial senses.
I did a week in Tokyo on a CR bag and that was alright. Also had another bag inside the CR bag which I filled up after all the shopping was done. You be the judge.
mj bale has a few sz44 samurai suits for $600 if anyone interested.
Reminds me of a certain someone on styfo way back 5 yrs ago.
Country Road canvas bags are great... Or were great. I've got one that's so far lasted 10 years and still in good nick. Not sure quality now.
Fossil stitching is rubbish
They do also have certain items that they release every season that I don't expect to sell at all, but I think neither do they, but more of a brand image thibg. Eg the big floral print jackets.
MJ Bale seems to be just churning out 1 drop 8 aftrer another now days. I've lost so much weight now and still find drop 8s snug. Who can actually fit into those?
Michael Buble once again saves christmas after Carols in the Domain.
Pomade... I'm actually amazed at how this stuff slicks a thick head of hair into something so thin and shiny.
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