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2nd Jan (I think ??) Line up early in morning at stores for their mystery showbag-like packs. Heard it can be well worth the purchase.
Those sunnies... or are they snow goggles?Hold on a sec... he wears everything on top of everything. Those sunnies are placed over the ear instead of behind.
I snapped up one of their few remaining "1.5 breasted" Dawkins fashion jackets from the start of their this years A/W collection. I guess its because the fold over is not as far as traditional DBs.Bought 38R, but fits like a 36S, with very short length and really snug fit.Noticed that Brooks Bros are 70% off everything in outlets today. Mostly 346 rubbish but I did get tempted by a check wool jacket in Milano fit from 1818 line down to $210 which is very good price. There...
I hate sales. I just bought another jacket.
Now that you mention it, perhaps not a bad idea carrying those super light weight foldable nylon luggages that are advertised as waterproof and rip proof. There has got to be a few out there that do not offend anyone's sartorial senses.
I did a week in Tokyo on a CR bag and that was alright. Also had another bag inside the CR bag which I filled up after all the shopping was done. You be the judge.
mj bale has a few sz44 samurai suits for $600 if anyone interested.
Reminds me of a certain someone on styfo way back 5 yrs ago.
Country Road canvas bags are great... Or were great. I've got one that's so far lasted 10 years and still in good nick. Not sure quality now.
Fossil stitching is rubbish
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