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Aren't they suppose to be Nantucket Red?
Dude... that's Ariana Grande. Where have you been?
Why ponytails?
I dont need people at work to know I'm browsing SF! It's suppose to be my dirty little secret!
Not a bad looking beater watch for 20 bucks. Oh it looks like a daniel wellington too!
Regarding tie in interviews question. The interviewer well pay no more attention to how you dress beyond whether you are presentable and that you are not in denim and thongs when a suit is required. Us SFers get caught up in the details of everything we wear far beyond anyone else really care about. In the eyes of just about everybody else at the interview, grenadine texture is no more or less appropriate or of note than any solid woven blue silk tie from van heusen. We're...
Maaaaaaaaate. Herring is having shooz sale. Seems like some good deals to be had. Corgi socks down to from 9 bucks a pair, belts from 39 bucks.
My thought is that they don't give a phuck.On the scale of 1-10 IT is about a -2 on style. It's a cliche for a reason.
[sexism] because they know they can't shoot from outside the box anyway so why bother [/sexism]
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