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For a time there when I was about 4kg chubbier than I am now I was actually more comfortable in extra fitted sz15.5 than fully fitted 15 as it just gave me an extra half inch around my gut and neck while keeping chest about the same, whereas upping a size on fully fitted would have added something like a full inch around the gut and chest.Think of it as a different cuts you can jump between when changing sizes on the same cut doesnt quite seems to work.
I like the buttoning of Peewee's jacket though.
My first thought too.
There is also Extra Fitted, which is even slimmer than Fully Fitted. I have to go up a collar size to get comfortable in Extra Fitted.
Led Zepp has been old music for decades... I still enjoy the immigrant song
Mozart is so boring I feel dead listening to them.
Can probably move the button in a cm without looking wrong. Thats what I do with all my shirts since I have skinny wrists.Fxh will flip out when he see your ankles.
Samurai cut stuff: is that based on Japanese measurements or something? I tried a jacket from that range and the sleeves are about the same length as if I got from Japan (which is 1" shorter than Australian sizing)
Wtf is culture club
I thought it's Ving Rhames.
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