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Rice is dericious.
I'd totally go for tm lewin if I have the body for it. But with my squarer shoulders and chunkier upper arms I look absolutely ridiculous with padded and structured shoulder suits. I am pretty much restricted to either soft shoulders like mjbale and italian roped shoulders actually look surprisingly well on me.
OBJECTION!Just need some Japanese class to pull camo off.
Though the problem with men's shop is that they severely lack in sizes. I have not once clicked on a suit I like and find my size available.
Glad to see fxh's modelling career has finally taken off.
Because they dump the large boxes up front i think. If you look at the sizing you see they're marked in women's sizes
Try tm lewin. Go with fully fitted line. Multiple skywave lengths available.
They are narrower because they are women's belts gezza. Hahaha
I always wondered why the hooha about The Iconic even though they stock nothing outside of the same stuff that gets peddled by every other Australian based fashion store - both online and bricks & mortar. It makes a lot of sense that it's all bullshit.
I recall seeing some AS in a window display somewhere around the city. Maybe Henry Bucks... or one of those little im-cooler-than-you arty farty shoe stores on little Collins
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