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I've finally figured out why BB Fitzgerald fit look like ass on me: the jacket is cut like a box. Bit of adilemma recently with the DJs sale: Brookscool suits in staple colours going for $500. Full canvassed, half lined, but they use 15% poly blend fabric....
I have a pair of vans in suede. I think the heel need a slight bit of breaking in though. Gave my Archilles area a bit of a blister first couple of wears.
Retro as Phuck for $45: Other colours may be available. http://www.surfstitch.com/product/adidas-originals-sl-street-shoe-carbon-white-black Surfstitch sale is worth a look with extra 30% off on sale shooz I have a pair of near-new Adidas Superstars with gold trimmed 3stripes and adidas originals heel logo that is 1 whole size too big @ US10. I don't know what to do with it. Guidz, are those your shapely calves?
Because it's not guaranteed to work 100% of the time?Haha you little Asian man.
Looking for an interesting pop of colour song all that blackness.On sneakers, I thought the sf men clothing recommendation would be a pair of New Balances!I have been looking at a cool pair of Adidas ZX Flux Slips, or Adidas Tubular, or if you're really keen on a pair of awesome shooz, y3 qasa.Actually, for holidays, why not just get a pair of beater shoes?Like KT26s or Volleys?
Completely wrong forum to ask, methinks, since I doubt any of youse wear them sneakers, but I have a pair if fully black Stan Smiths and looking for nice options for coloured or patterned laces.
Quick Google has woodlore ones about 32 bucks with free shipping above 100. http://www.eastdane.com/combination-shoe-tree-woodlore/vp/v=1/1579288602.htm?currencyCode=AUD&extid=SE_froogle_SC_au&cvosrc=cse.google.WOODL30000&cvo_campaign=ED_Google_AUD&s_kwcid=AL!3510!3!{creative}!{matchtype}!{placement}!{network}!!{keyword}&ef_id=UvV8uwAAAXHE9-R5:20150611000459:s
@$70, it sounds absolutely ridiculous for a pair of blocks of wood to stuff a shoe with.Unless it is a pair with varnished wood and brass hardware, which while they look nice I doubt it have the same absorbency or deodorising power as a pair of untreated cedar trees.
And Jessica Alba's child is actually mine.
Got bail, so back on the streets tomorrow
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