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A pair of Saint Laurent vulcanised slipon skateshoes. $800. Not much different from Vans for $50. Thought SF Au thread is more about balance and less about slapping each other on the ass about "baller" shit each other acquire?
Except real options for dress shoes and suits aren't exactly common for $50. I buy $350~ suits and $200~ dress shoes anyway.
With sneakers, I wouldn't pay much more than $50 for a pair, since there are just so many options out there for cheap.
Seiko 5s would be my sub 100 dollar preference.
Three minutes is a long time when the person you're with is a prick. So sometimes yeah. The aspect of cultural fit: it's about your attitude. Its like your circle of friends: some are all dressed other's not so much but you are friends because you share certain attributes about certain things. Same sort of idea. IT peeps have to be the most chill bunch of guys I know I have to say.
ASOS brand from ASOS. Probably exactly same quality as Daniel Wellington.
Aren't they suppose to be Nantucket Red?
Dude... that's Ariana Grande. Where have you been?
Why ponytails?
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