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Who in their right mind buys brown double breasted cotton jackets?!! And someone must have known about MJ Bale sale code, because the remaining 2 jackets got cleared out pretty quick.
Geez op shopped in the 80s... it'll be a miracle that any still in anything close to wearable condition 30 odd years later....
Koisuru Fortune Cookie from akb48. I like the music video for the black guy.
Well, for me the main uber unis I here about are the English ones first: Oxford and Cambridge. Then Harvard, then here and there during university classes I heard about Princeton, MIT. I know about Yale but hardly mentioned and I know of ucla only because I have a relative who did a year exchange there. And that's it.
Wiwrn- overeager edition: foxy's stains
Just met with ol foxy foxhound to get the Inverallan off him. I think I found a pube.
That can't be a girls room, that belt in the bed looks male
There is absolutely no difference from the supply side. That's all good.It's the demand side that boggles the mind.
That's the thing. I don't even know what sport you are referring to. College sports is a far cry from a global fascination. Outside of the industry's scouts, it is only relevant within the US.
I think it is more reasonable to be buy sports team gear though, being that the sports teams have provided entertainment or a spectacle for people to enjoy. Buying their gear is to provide support for the teams to continue to entertain you. However I find nothing of the sort of return for your investment into a University brand.
New Posts  All Forums: