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Whelp,just bought myself a 130mm Newtonian Reflector for $30 on gumtree and another $30 for some new cheapy eyepieces.Might sneak out just before dawn in the coming days to see if I can spy a few planets. Apparently towards the end of Jan every planet is going to be visible together just before dawn which spells the apocalypse I think.
Defenders: are those the ones that you can drive through brickwalls with nary a scratch?
No. The left hand is correct then.
Bracelets, wristwatches, what's the difference?
Coxy you tempting me to go travel to Japan again.
I wonder what foxhound was looking at
I saw lots of foreign tourists in yukatas when I was there.
Was at Trenery outlet store looking at a pair of beater leather shoes for cheap. Picked one up, saw how the upper actually crease like bad cardboard, put the shoo back down and walked out...
Just sprez it!Thanks for the lesson btw.
2nd Jan (I think ??) Line up early in morning at stores for their mystery showbag-like packs. Heard it can be well worth the purchase.
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