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I always wondered why the hooha about The Iconic even though they stock nothing outside of the same stuff that gets peddled by every other Australian based fashion store - both online and bricks & mortar. It makes a lot of sense that it's all bullshit.
I recall seeing some AS in a window display somewhere around the city. Maybe Henry Bucks... or one of those little im-cooler-than-you arty farty shoe stores on little Collins
Anyone get on DJ sale yet? Some pretty good deals there now that they're additional 25% off sale stock. Melb CBD store I would have jumped on 2 suits if they're my size. MJ bale s100 2b charcoal cbd-as-you-can-get suit $250. Size 38. I was so tempted to jump on it as its a slim 38 and im 36. The other big one is a grey SB Paul smith luxury suit. Size 40. $1700~ down to $375.
Are those Thinsulate ones?
No. It's just that Asian women are superior and well loved by all.
Pure blood hello kitty girls for me only please.
Looks like he got kicked out by his missus.
Anyone ventured down to Azzaro lately and had a look at what they have in stock? Any thing decent in small (36) sizes?
What does the Japanese say?
There's a Zara jacket that's pretty much identical to that hahaha.
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