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Just met with ol foxy foxhound to get the Inverallan off him. I think I found a pube.
That can't be a girls room, that belt in the bed looks male
There is absolutely no difference from the supply side. That's all good.It's the demand side that boggles the mind.
That's the thing. I don't even know what sport you are referring to. College sports is a far cry from a global fascination. Outside of the industry's scouts, it is only relevant within the US.
I think it is more reasonable to be buy sports team gear though, being that the sports teams have provided entertainment or a spectacle for people to enjoy. Buying their gear is to provide support for the teams to continue to entertain you. However I find nothing of the sort of return for your investment into a University brand.
But your college identity is being diluted by dimwits wearing your logo!
WTF is a UCLA store doing all the way out here is bloody Australia?! Why are people with absolutely no association with UCLA going in there to buy stuff?!
Shocked (was shocked that I still find things shocking, really) when I saw what I saw at Emporium today: UCLA apparel store. Boggles the mind really that there are braindead fashion tragic buying stuff from there.
I like the idea of smart jocks... If you can load it with an app that makes it dance... I'd buy it and sync it to I'm Sexy and I Know It. Wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah! Unrelated: "Sweden’s Nudie Jeans offer this: “Compared to a new pair of dry jeans, the smell of a well-worn pair just before wash is a completely different matter. It’s a smell that could most probably raise the dead. But it’s most definitely the smell of a winner." That's just gross.
My understanding is that the Fitzy is a rather narrow cut all round. I tried their 36/46 and they are tight across shoulders and waist.Madison is suppose to be sackiest and traditional of the lot. I might go back to DJs later to try their Regent.I think I need my jackets with waist suppression.My #1 difficulty is the shoulders though. I think my shoulders are a bit on the narrow side, but I have thick deltoids for my frame. So most cuts usually narrow shoulders = slimmer...
New Posts  All Forums: