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That said, I quite like those tassels.
I thought CBD basically rules that you do not, under any circumstance other than diving into the river to save a damsel, take your jacket off.
$70 for 10mL! And I thought I am indulging a bit when I pay $150 for 100mL of Colonia Assoluta (hehehehe Colon-Ass).
Oops! Seems like all these years I have been misreading that in the news as the "caucus".
I recommend a blue tie.
In terms of value, TML on clearance + online code is hard to beat at $25 a shirt. I still have 5 shirts unopened - stocked up for when my current ones wear out. I think my navy micro check one is finally noticeably fraying after 2.5 years of regular wear.
I'm waiting on MJ Bale to throw their DB jackets in the clearance section soon, because I believe no one in Australia actually have the balls to wear DB.
They all go in and come out looking like that
Can't go wrong with those when you can get them for as low as $25 a pop.
New Posts  All Forums: