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Pretty sure food hall under Tokyo Station mighty fine too.
Doesnt bloody help that when people say suits, they think FBI or MiB or something.
That's filthy! I'm sure it's already been done though.In other news, Laura Ashley going down with Dick Smiths and looking through a telescope is an amazing experience.Rolled out of bed at 4:30 in the morning to witness an amazing crescent moon next to a bloody bright star that was in fact Venus. Looked through telescope at Venus and all I really got was a really bright blob. Little disappointed, moved onto a fainter spot a little towards the South hoping something will...
My favs:
73.7 x 49.5 x 31.75 cm are my case's measurements.So I think the 85cm one is pretty close to mine.
What are the suitcase sizing in cm/inches?I have a Kirkland Signature 29" hardside spinner which I think is a little too big. Couple of big trips I had I struggle to fill the suit case while keeping it under the 20 (or was is 25kg) limit per piece of luggage that airlines demand for OH&S. I also read that US airlines will deem it to be oversized in dimensions too. So if one of yours is around 29" converted. I recommend sizing down.
Also MJBale's got further 20% off couple of Made in Japan full canvas suits down to $480. Available in sz44/38 only though.
Whelp,just bought myself a 130mm Newtonian Reflector for $30 on gumtree and another $30 for some new cheapy eyepieces.Might sneak out just before dawn in the coming days to see if I can spy a few planets. Apparently towards the end of Jan every planet is going to be visible together just before dawn which spells the apocalypse I think.
Defenders: are those the ones that you can drive through brickwalls with nary a scratch?
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