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I quite like your logo to be honest. Unless you want to rebrand your operation as something decidedly hip and trendy.
Something a lot like that. There might be still a couple left over on a tie rack somewhere at David Jones. They have one for many countries I saw a Canadian flag one too.
Mj bale had been peddling that exact tie for years now though
A tie, with a ned kelly beard print.
Getting the lady friend to help works wonders. Especially when the food on the menu involves a bit of messy hands on work, IMHO anyway. Lots of fun to be had if your lady friend is not the uptight sort.
Spaghetti alle vongole has to be one of the easiest dishes to make and amazingly delicious. Though I prefer using fettuccine or tagliatelle instead. I might not even follow the recipe for all that matter, but the gist of it is all that is needed:You need:Lots of garlic: 3 or so cloves, finely chopped.Some fresh parsleyFair bit of good olive oil.Vongole or can just get pipis if it's easier. The fresh from the market, with shells kind.Also chop a small onion as well just...
Not so much I'm in desperate need for one, more that it would have been only $120 for the jacket.In other news, haven't let old Mr Henry out of the house in a very long time:
I'm still pissed off about the guys snapping up the brown db jackets
Yeah I've been looking at new gaming console. You get $50voucheron top of that too with the right retailer
You sound happy....PSA: DJs (online anyway) selling Pantherellas and Marcolianis ~$14 - ~$19 as they're having a sale.I myslelf shall just stick with the 20 pairs of Uniqlo and GU socksI snapped up last time I was in Japan. I still haven't removed the labels for most of them.
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