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That's CBD by Pitti standards. I thought the whole point of Pitti is suppose to engage in peacocking.But those hats. Noone under 60 looks good in a bloody hat.
When you make a big investment and you lose it all. It hurts man.
I hate 2016
I have noticed that too as I embark on getting my finances prepared to go get my first home this year. What always seem to happen is that houses in the suburbs within 15km of the cbd that are a bit run down usually get snapped up pretty quick and torn down to make way for 4 tiny units in the same block.I think I need to get in quick before it all gitrs to shits.
#1 mistake is assuming Styfo is that much different from Fb.And wtf Severus?! He was Hans Gruber.
Nup. 2016 can certainly go fuck itself. I'm over this year already.
What the hell is wrong with this year. Now Alan Rickman is gone too.
May I suggest a frankenwatch?
I wouldnt either at $50 a song. And I highly doubt theyre qualified to get the job done.
They do trouser hemming free if your trous are unhemmed so might as well let them. If prices are reasonable, I don't see why not let them do the other bits for you. Basic alterations are not especially hard or risky.
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