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I think back in the days, no one had the spiky hair and all that shit. What they had their hair slicked back with wax and stuff like that.It's true because Downton Abbey.
I'd love to, but right now I do not appreciate flora at this time of the year.
But... what kind of shop is it when everything is sold out...
Esquire only started in 1933...
i got a free 6pack of pure blonde for doing a short 6km run. not the best, but its booze.BTW started watching Suits again and Harvey Specter is definitely SF approved.Mike Ross is definitely what a is considered to be a well dressed young'n to look like. Slim lapels, short collars and slim ties. Shirt cuffs not showing, I think that is a deliberate choice.
I haven't. I was tempted to get peanut butter pie, but I'm trying to build a 6 pack here.any good?
Speaking of classy, I scored some scoopons for Mason Dixon American Sandwiches. The Reuben. $6.
Anyone in Melb had a look at Benjamin Barker stuff that popped up at QV store? Pricewise and quality wise?
My missus doesn't know my deep dark secret.
Over here we have household plans of sorts where you can link sims to the single account with shared data. I think it's a terrible idea which will lead to bitching about who used all the data going through people's instagrams.
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