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I thought lululemon is a women's store?
Not sure what you're after in terms of style. My running gear consists of shorts from Brooks Outlet (I think it was like $8 during a boxing day sale) and my tops are just random tech fabric sports tops I've collected over the years all from Outlet sales: Nike, Puma, Uniqlo.I think it's pretty easy to not look like a doofus in running gear: if you're wearing compressions tights ffs theyre suppose to be underwear, put some shorts on, and don't wear those stupid gym...
There I was thinking rule #764 of mc is no backpacksAre the brooks brothers dress shoes Allen Edmunds still?
I swear the illustrator or peppa pig was giggling to himself when he drew that.
This really goes to prove that not every one can do it as opposed to the whole intent of posts by financial independent crowd that everyone can do it.To make this whole thing work you need to:- Have no existing burden of responsibility e.g no dependant family members (due to illnesses etc). In other words, the only people you have to take care of is yourself and you yourself is in reasonably good health.- have existing well paying jobs to actually be realistically be able...
Please don't open up old wounds again fxh...
That's because uniqlo tend not to have any padding or structure to their jackets. Helps keep prices down too. Although this might also be a bit of Japanese thing. They tend to have very minimal padding and structure on their stuff in general.
Call of duty duh
^^ Pretty standard alterations which I don't think anyone half competent can stuff up. I always go back to our blunt friend down at Katrina's when I do need to gt something done. Btw, if anyone haven't heard already: Data Retention laws have been passed in the Senate last week. Like we have not enough proof already, this once again shows that we have fuckwits running this country. Not only are the Liberals believing that they haven't fucked us over enough, the...
Just remind yourself flannel makes you pretty Aussie. Makes it a suit it'll make you dapper Aussie
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