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Interesting bit of trivia:Then NSW Prime Minister George Reid refused to join the Federation unless the capital is within NSW borders. The other colonies relented but would not allow Sydney to be the capital.Rumour has it that factors for choosing Canberra were: that they believed White people could only thrive in cold climates, a coastal capital would be vulnerable to naval attacks and that there were nasty diseases spreading around very populated areas.So if that's true,...
*sigh* Why does Canberra have to exist? It's cold and middle of nowhere.
anyone ever tried doing a google image search on 'susu'?
They work just the same.
What's the deal with rmw all rounder boots? They seem to be considerably cheaper than their other boot offerings
Bored and bedridden with the manflu. http://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/jarryd-hayne-claims-jews-are-responsible-for-death-of-christ/story-fno61i58-1227437318377 Jarryd Hayne: Jews killed Jesus. Shock, horror and backlash. Religions. Pot. Stirred. Divine comedy? edit: More mens clothing related, Brooks Brothers sale section on their online shop actually doesn't sound too bad. edit again: For the guys looking for flannel pants: Cotton Flannel will...
I thought Hermes man is just a mythical creature
I am finding it hard to find the definition of "productivity".edit: whelp. found it.Now I don't see how it is skewing productivity figures.edit again: Now that I think about it, the so called "productivity" that they are concerned about is purely on the potential to scale up production? I think the big picture may be missed here if you only look at the supply side?
... I have totally forgotten about the Ashes having started
A pair of Saint Laurent vulcanised slipon skateshoes. $800. Not much different from Vans for $50. Thought SF Au thread is more about balance and less about slapping each other on the ass about "baller" shit each other acquire?
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